Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 8
Dub Name: Kenís Secret
Japanese Name: The Digimon Kaiser's Loneliness

Davis' soccer team is playing Ken's team next. Yolei asks Davis for Ken's autograph and reveals that she wants to marry him. On the field Ken's team arrives but Ken is late. He is busy shooting a tv commercial. Right before the first half ends Davis scores the games only goal. Ken arrives right before the start of the second half and immediately starts to score. Right before the end of the game Davis tackles Ken, preventing him from scoring again. At the end of the game Ken shakes Davis' hand and calls him a worthy adversary. The next day they find a control spire that has been, built over night in the Forbidden Valley of No Return. They arrive in the valley and Yolei falls in a hole followed by Cody, TK and Kari. Davis tries to dig them out but can't find them. The Emperor's voice tells him that his friends are with him. Davis runs to find the emperor. He finds the others hanging high in the air from a rock. Deltamon breaks the rocks underneath them and is going to eat them.

The Emperor tells Davis that he has to beg for their lives. Davis begs the Emperor to save his friends. The emperor says that Deltamon has three heads and there are four digidestined; Davis has to pick which one to save. Time runs out and Davis can't decide so he tells the emperor to take him instead. Deltamon falls into a hole created by Digmon. The digidestined then arrive behind Davis, revealing that it was really Bakemon hanging from the rock. Veemon digivolves to Flamedramon and attacks the Bakemon. Davis tackles the Emperor and they fall down a cliff. Deltamon goes to attack Davis but Flamedramon protects him. Using his Fire Rocket attack he destroys the dark ring. The other armor digimon destroy the dark rings on the Bakemon before destroying the control spire.

The Emperor says he cannot believe that Davis made him look like a fool twice now. Davis notices a cut on his leg. The emperor reveals himself to be Ken! Ken is taken away to safety by an Airdramon.

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