Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 7
Dub Name: Guardian Angel
Japanese Name: Hikari's Memories

In the digital world the digimon are destroying more and more control spires. They have one more spire to destroy for the day but there is an army of Gardromon guarding it. Digmon and Pegasusmon attack them and free some of them from the dark rings but there are hundreds more. They decided to regroup and go home. Davis reluctantly agrees and they head towards the digiport. The digiport remains open for all of them except Kari to get through. In the real world TK is blaming himself over leaving Kari behind. They decide to enter the digital world through the closest gate to the last one. Davis and TK go through it and find themselves in a desert. They see the city ahead and both of them want to go and rescue Kari. They flip a coin but Davis uses a trick coin to win the right to save Kari. TK knows it's a trick coin so they decide to go together.

Kari is flying on Nefertimon trying to avoid the Gardromons. They are looking for another digiport. Tai and Matt get a call from Cody telling them about Kari. Tai goes to the computer lab while Matt is left telling Davis' parents where he is. Instead Matt runs into Davis' sister June, who makes him go on a date with her. Patamon digivolves to Angemon and gets them into the city before turning back into Patamon. Cody and Tai join Yolei in the computer lab as they make a plan to save Kari. Veemon and Patamon armor digivolve. They fight off more Gardromons before finding Kari's signal.

The Gardromons have blasted Nefertimon and Kari out of the sky. They go in to attack again but Davis and TK save her. They go to leave but Andromon blocks their path. He easily defeats Flamedramon and Pegasusmon. Kari talks to Andromon and tries to make him remember who they are. Andromon sees Tai's googles on Davis. The rookie digimon are able to knock Andromon down when Halsemon and Digmon arrives. Tai comes and Andromon recognizes him. Andromon short circuits and picks up Kari. He remembers taking a picture with all of them. He destroys the dark ring and frees himself. He then destroys the control spire. He reprograms the gardromon and says that he will protect them. Back on Earth they meet up with Izzy. He tells them about their new digivices, which he has decoded with the help of Willis from America. The new digivices they call a D3.

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