Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 6
Dub Name: Family Picnic
Japanese Name: A Dangerious Picnic

Mimi's airplane lands in Japan, she has just arrived from America. All of the new digidestined are planning for a picnic. It is Saturday and they have to sneak into school to enter the digital world. They meet in the computer room where Mimi spies them. The new team decides to take Mimi with them. In the digital world, Davis explains the control spires to Mimi. They start to have their picnic when Armadillomon throws a sushi roll at Hawkmon. Yolei and Hawkmon go after it. When they don't return for a while, Mimi goes to find them and falls in a hole. She wakes up and finds a control spire and Yolei and Hawkmon. Gekomon and Otamamon arrive, all controlled by dark rings. They run and Palmon uses her vines to take them to safety. Mimi and Palmon have a tearful reunion. Palmon tells them that they are in the Night Forest. They try to contact the others but their digivices don't work.

The Emperor sends out the Roachmon brothers to take care of Yolei and Mimi. The Roachmon brothers argue as to what the best way to destroy the digidestined is. They finally agree to use both of their attacks. Their Garbage Dump attack piles garbage on top of Mimi and Yolei. Next they use their Yard Sale Bomb attack which has large appliances drop from the sky. Mimi and Yolei run from the attack and Hawkmon digivolves to Halsemon. Halsemon uses his Tempest Wing attack but the Roachmon brothers double team him. The Roachmon attack him but he keeps avoiding their attacks. Mimi tells Yolei to have the Roachmon destroy the control spire. They trick the Roachmon into running into the spire and cracking it so that Palmon can digivolve to Togemon. Togemon uses her Needle Spray attack and Halsemon uses Tempest Wing to defeat the roachmon and to completely destroy the Control Spire. Davis finds Yolei's signal. They finally find Yolei and Mimi and are reunited with the now free Gekomon and Otamamon. Togemon says that she will protect the area from the Emperor. Back on Earth Mimi says goodbye as she has to leave for home. Yolei says that when she gets older she wishes she was just like Mimi.

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