Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 5
Dub Name: Old Reliable
Japanese Name: Down with the Dark Tower

In the snow the Gizamon are enslaved. The Emperor is whipping them but Gomamon comes to stops him. The Emperor forces the Gizamon to attack Gomamon. All the Gizamon beat up on Gomamon and as a reward the emperor enslaves them all with dark rings. They leave Gomamon behind. He crawls up a hill and calls out to Joe. Joe's digivice goes off and he leaves his friends for the school. Cody is goes to kendo practice instead of the computer lab with the others. At practice he is having a hard time concentrating and his grandfather asks him what is troubling him. Cody says that there are people who need him. His grandfather gives him prune juice, the solution to all the world's problems. Cody is given permission to help out his friends.

Joe and the others are at the computer lab ready to enter the digital world when Cody arrives. They enter the digital world and land in the snow and ice. Joe passes out hand warmers to everyone. Yolei drops hers and melts some of the snow, revealing Gomamon. They find the control spire in the distance and Davis has the idea to cut down trees and make a sled to reach it. Their digimon are pulling them across the ice towards the spire when an army of Frigimon blocks their path. The Fridgimon attack but Joe says to pass right by them since they are so slow. They slide by them but the Frigimon cause an avalanche. The avalanche knocks Cody into the freezing water. They build a fire for Cody to warm him up. Joe and Cody are left behind while the others go off to destroy the spire. The Emperor and Shellmon arrive at the cave where Joe and Cody are at. Gomamon tells jokes to try and provide a diversion. At the spire Flamedramon is fighting with the Frigimon.

Armadillomon armor digivolves to Digmon to fight Shellmon. He uses his Gold Rush attack to destroy the dark ring but Ebidramon arrives. Ebidramon takes Digmon under the water. All of the digimon are now in their armor forms. Halsemon, Pegasusmon and Nefertimon combine their powers to destroy the control spire. Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon to save Digmon. Back on land Digmon uses his Gold Rush attack to defeat Ebidramon. The Emperor leaves and the digidestined place Gomamon in charge of protecting the area.

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