Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 3
Dub Name: A New Digitude
Japanese Name: Digimental Up

We see the Digimon Emperor as his alter ego, on a computer in the real world. After classes the digimon come out of hiding at the school. Davis, TK and Kari arrive. Yolei is soon to follow with food from her parents' store. They all want to go to the digital world but Cody is holding them up. They watch the tv and the news comes on. The report is about Ken, the boy genius and winner of a computer programming contest. Cody finally arrives. The Digimon Emperor, who is really Ken in the real world, is chasing after Elecmon. He calls on Tuskmon and they finally catch him. They place Elecmon in prison and make him fight another Elecmon using the dark rings. Gotsumon are watching and he captures two of them and makes them fight each other.

The digidestined enter the digital world. They find another digiegg using their digivices. The Emperor's digivice also goes off, telling him that they arrived in the digital world. A hologram of the Emperor appears before them. He says that they cannot be the digidestined because only perfect humans can be. The real Emperor comes riding on Tyrannomon. Tyrannomon attacks and Veemon digivolves. Tyrannomon blocks Flamedramon's Fire Rocket attack. Hawkmon digivolves and when Halsemon starts winning the Emperor summons four more Tyrannomon. Armadillomon digivolves but there are still too many Tyrannomons. They soon chase after Gatomon and Patamon because they can't digivolve. Cody, Kari and TK go after the new digieggs while the armor digimon hold off the Tyrannomon. They reach a cave and find the digieggs of hope and light. TK and Kari's digivices change and Patamon armor digivolves to Pegasusmon and Gatomon digivolves to Nefertimon.

Tyrannomon has cornered Davis, Yolei and the now rookie digimon. Nefertimon and Pegasusmon arrive and use a golden noose to tie them all up. Nefertimon uses her Rosetta Stone attack and Pegasusmon his Star Shower attack to destroy the dark rings. Tyrannomon goes back to normal and they return to the real world. TK does not know how to fight the Emperor because they never fought a human before. Cody says they have to find his real identity first.

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