Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 1
Dub Name: Enter Flamedramon
Japanese Name: The One Who Inherits Courage

The Digimon Emperor sends out black collars that chase after digimon. The collars go on Gazimon, Gotsumon and Unimon. One is chasing Gatomon but she deflects it with her tail ring. She thinks she is safe but Unimon attacks her. TK is starting a new school year. At his apartment he meets up with 2 new kids called Yolei and Cody. They walk to school together and on the way see a 'Tai' lookalike called Davis playing soccer. Davis is in Kari's class and has a crush on her. Agumon calls out for help causing Tai's digivice to go off. TK finds out he is also in Davis' class.

Snimon chases after Biyomon and Patamon. Tai arrives and tells Agumon to digivolve but he can't. The Digimon Emperor has a black digivice that prevents digivolving. Tai hides in a cave and contacts the others. Yolei reads the email to Kari from Tai on the school's computer. Izzy turns up at the school looking for Yolei who gives the message to Kari and Izzy. Agumon finds an egg with the crest of courage on it. He tries to pick it up but can't. Tai tries as well and three balls of light come out. The lights come out of the computers in the real world and give new digivices to Davis, Yolei and Cody. Kari enters the digital world through the computer, followed by TK and Davis. Izzy wants to follow but Yolei and Cody interrupt him.

In the digital world Davis finds a vending machine and Numemon comes out. Tai, Gatomon, Patamon and Agumon meet up with them. Kari sees Gatomon's tail ring is gone. Gatomon explains that she lost it when Unimon attacked her. She tells them about the Digimon Emperor. He is making the digimon into his slaves and has a black digivive that prevents digivolving. Yolei shows Izzy her digivice and asks him questions about it.

The Emperor sends Monochromon to attack the digidestined. Tai shows them the digiegg of Courage. No one can lift it except for Davis. Davis lifts it and his digimon, Veemon, comes out of it. Monochromon attacks them and they run away. Veemon says to open the digiegg. Monochromon goes after Kari, who has twisted her ankle. Davis opens the egg and Veemon armor digivolves to Flamedramon. Flamedramon and Monochromon fight. Flamedramon uses his Fire Rocket attack and destroys the dark ring, returning Monochromon to normal. Tai gives Davis his goggles and Patamon tells them that the Digimon Emperor doesn't come out at night. They return to the real world and surprise Cody and Yolei.

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