Digimon Adventure Episode 54
Dub Name: The Fate of Two Worlds
Japanese Name: A New World
The digimon start their final assault on Apocalymon. All the digimon attack and start to destroy the claws of Apocalymon. Tai and Matt go for his body while the others clear a path for them. Apocalymon uses his Virus Grenades to try and stop them but Sora and Garudamon destroy them. He next tries the Giga Cannon attack but Mega Kabuterimon stops it. Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon attack Apocalymonís body and delete it. Before he is destroyed Apocalymon uses his final attack: Total Annihilation. The digivices let out a light that surrounds the Total Annihilation attack and destroys it. Ogremon, Andromon and the rest of their friends soon arrive to congratulate them on the victory. The digimon on Earth start to disappear. Gennai and Centarumon come to them. They tell them that File Island will be reborn and the Digiworld will start over from the beginning. 

Primary Village is back to normal and the sky rains digieggs. The digidestined are back at the first spot where they slept in the digital world. They agree to stay until the end of their summer vacation. Agumon sees an eclipse and Gennai says that it can cost them their lives. The eclipse means that there is 2 hours before the gate back to earth closes. When Apocalymon was defeated the time differential between the two worlds was set back to normal. Each digidestined says goodbye to their digimon since they will be unable to ever get back to the digital world. Kari gives her whistle to Gatomon. 

Mimi canít find Palmon and so she must leave without saying goodbye to her. They get on a cable car that will take them back to the real world. The cable car starts to leave when Palmon runs and finally says her goodbyes. The digidestined are transported back to Earth and away from their digimon partners with Tai saying theyíll all never forget.

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