Digimon Adventure Episode 53
Dub Name: Apocalymon Now
Japanese Name: The Final Dark Digimon
The sky is black now and the digidestined find themselves falling again. They stop, suspended in space. Gennai emails them saying that the evil that created the Dark Masters still exists. He found an encryption telling about a being that passed through a wall of fire. The original digidestined defeated the first evil, revealing that Tai and the gang arenít the first digidestined. Gennai says that someone else has passed through the wall and that is whom the current digidestined have to fight. The digidestined hear a voice and Apocalymon appears. The people of Earth can see Apocalymon too. Apocalymon tells them that he is created from the pain and misery of all that was lost during the digivolving process. He was forged from all the digimon that cannot digivolve or that perished trying to do so. 

Apocalymon uses the attacks of previously defeated digimon against them: Metalseadramon River of Power, Myotismonís Crimson Lightning and Machinedramonís Giga Cannon. He then uses Reverse Digivolve on the digimon, reverting them to rookie. The digidestined take out their crests, ready to have the digimon digivolve again. Apocalymon reaches out and destroys all of the crests and tags. The digidestined now think they are going to lose since they canít digivolve without their crests. Apocalymon next deletes all the digimon along with the digidestined. 

The digimon and digidestined are all information and data now. They are down on themselves, thinking they have lost while the digimon try to remain positive. They all start to remember their personal times of growth and strength in the digital world. After realizing the obstacles they have overcame so far they regain their positive thinking and are ready to fight. They realize they never needed their crests to digivolve because their power is within themselves and in each other. Everyone has the power of everyoneís crest within themselves. The digimon start to digivolve to their highest forms. They leave the world of data and reassemble themselves before Apocalymon.

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