Digimon Adventure Episode 52
Dub Name: Piedmon's Last Jest
Japanese Name: The Holy Swordsman, Holy Angemon
Piedmon attacks the two megas. He uses his Trump Sword attack, only some of his swords are real, the rest are holograms. Metalgarurumon uses his sensors to destroy all the real swords. Wargreymon uses Terra Force to knock Piedmon down. Tai tells the others to have their digimon digivolve. Before they do so Piedmon holds up a white handkerchief. He throws a handkerchief over the 2 megas and another over Tai and Matt. The handkerchief has turned them into keychains. Gennai and Centarumon are at a wall of fire. They are discussing an ancient prophecy and how someone had to come through the wall of fire. Andromon holds off Piedmon so the others can escape. They are sparring but Piedmon soon turns Andromon into a keychain. 

The others find themselves in a circus tent. Above a pit they must cross are trapeze swings. Gatomon starts to help the others across but before Joe and Izzy can get across Piedmon appears. He turns them into keychains and when Tentomon goes to help is turned into one as well. Lillymon, Mimi and the digimon allies are climbing Spiral Mountain. The remaining digidestined are hiding under a wooden floor when Piedmon comes into the room. He starts to stick his swords through the floor when Garudamon and Angewomon come. They manage to fight off Piedmon for awhile but still become keychains. Sora tells TK to take Kari and run. Gomamon decides to stay behind with Sora. Piedmon arrives before anyone can escape. Gomamon, before he is turned into a keychain, steals Mattís keychain and throws it to TK. TK runs away with Kari and Patamon. They are now outside of the house and on a high balcony. They find a rope basket and the rope starts to climb towards the sky. With nowhere else to go TK and Kari start to climb. Piedmon soon finds them and Patamon digivolves. Piedmon knocks Angemon off the cliff and grabs the rope and then TK. He cuts the rope so Kari canít climb any more. With one final cut TK and Kari start to fall. TK is scared but looks towards Mattís keychain. He hears Mattís voice tell him to have faith in himself. Angemon digivolves to Magna Angemon for the first time and catches TK and Kari. 

Piedmon tries to turn Magna Angemon into a keychain but is unable to! Magna Angemon takes the rest of the keychains and uses his Magna Antidote to turn them all back to normal. Piedmon releases an army of Vilemon just as Mimi and the digimon allies arrive. All the digimon go to ultimate and start to defeat the Vilemon. They all attack Piedmon and start to do damage. Magna Angemon opens up the Gate of Destiny and destroys the rest of the Vilemon and Piedmon. Spiral Mountain starts to disappear with the last of the Dark Masters defeated. The sky starts to clear up and the digimon allies leave. Gennai emails them saying the Dark Masters werenít the real enemy, the one who created them is. The sky darkens once again.

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