Digimon Adventure Episode 51
Dub Name: The Crest of Friendship
Japanese Name: The Clown of Hell! Piemon
Gomamon and Joe find Matt’s swan boat while Piedmon fights with Wargreymon. Sora, TK and Patamon are on Birdramon searching for Matt. Sora doesn’t believe they can find Matt and starts to cry. Wargreymon’s Terra Force attack misses Piedmon. Kari wants the other digimon to digivolve but Tai tells them not too and to wait until the others arrive. Matt and Gabumon are in a cave. Gabumon wants to leave the cave but Matt is indifferent. Matt figures out that he is the one who needs TK when all along he thought that it was TK that needed him. A black cloud starts to follow them around and as Matt becomes more and more down on himself the cloud surrounds him and forms a shadow. Matt imagines his soul drowning so Gabumon bites his leg to wake him up. Matt notices the black cloud and realizes it was the blackness that was in his heart. Matt and Gabumon shake hands, promising to be friends forever. The cave disappears and they find themselves outside. Joe and Gomamon find them and Joe gives back Matt’s harmonica. 

Piedmon uses his Trump Sword attack on Wargreymon. Wargreymon manages to block most of the swords but he is getting too tired to fight back. TK notices Matt’s swan boat and Birdramon lands. Sora is still doubting herself and is putting the fate of the world entirely on her shoulders. The black cloud swallows Sora and Biyomon and they fall into a pit. Matt and Joe arrive and with TK start to climb down the pit. Patamon hears Biyomon and they find her standing over Sora, who is curled up crying. Matt and Joe try to pull her up but she is stuck. They hear her talking about having to find Matt and save the world and how it is all her fault that they can’t do it. She finally looks up and sees Joe and Matt. They convince her that it isn’t her fault and they manage to pull her up. The cave disappears. 

Piedmon is starting to defeat Wargreymon, his Clown Trick attack breaks his armor. Tai collapses but then hears Matt call out. Matt picks up the injured Tai. Matt’s crest glows which gives Wargreymon the energy to revive himself. Gabumon warp digivolves and now the two megas face off against Piedmon.

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