Digimon Adventure Episode 49
Dub Name: The Crest of Light
Japanese Name: Farewell, Numemon
Beneath the surface Kari is asleep until a water drop wakes her up. She is with TK until Sora, Patamon and Biyomon find them. Biyomon has the medicine that Tai found for Kari. Sora finds that they are in a museum of all the famous sewer systems of the world. They hear a noise and find Waru Monzaemon slaving Numemon. The Numemon are what powers Machinedramonís city. Kari cries and starts to glow. The Numemon notice her and stop working. Waru Monzaemon chases after Sora and TK. Kari and Gatomon go to the Numemon who are chanting "Queen Kari". Waru Monzaemon is chasing Sora and TK when Biyomon and Patamon find out that they canít digivolve. Waru Monzaemon gets his paw stuck in wall allowing the others to temporarily get away. 

Sora and TK find Kari being worshipped by the Numemon. Waru Monzaemon soon arrives. Kari tells him that she freed the Numemon. The Numemon start to attack Waru Monzaemon but they are no match. Kari faints and the light from her pushes Waru Monzaemon back. Gatomon, Patamon and Biyomon digivolve. They manage to chase Waru Monzaemon away. Kari says that her light will guide them to the others. Waru Monzaemon explains to Machinedramon how he was defeated. Machinedramon isnít happy and deletes him. Izzy and Tai are searching for Kari. Agumon collapses from exhaustion but Tai doesnít care. Izzy yells at him and gets tackled and punched for his efforts. Tai stops when he hears someone approaching. Agumon and Tentomon try to digivolve but canít. The digimon that is following them turns out to be Andromon. He is trying to put together an army to defeat Machinedramon. They ask him about Kari, to which he tells them that she is Queen Kari. 

Machinedramon arrives and attacks Andromon. Kari tells the others that Tai is on the way, right now. Machinedramon and Andromon crash through the wall followed by Tai and Izzy. Izzy tells them that Andromon is sacrificing himself to save the digidestined. Birdramon, Angemon and Angewomon fight Machinedramon but they are too weak. Machinedramon giga cannons them all. Kari walks up to Machinedramon and faces off with him. The Numemon cover Machinedramon to protect Kari but they are all deleted. Kari cries giving Agumon the power to warp digivolve. Wargreymon slices and easily deletes Machinedramon. The city starts to fall apart and the digidestined are flown to safety by their digimon. Kari tells them that she wants to build a memorial to the friendly Numemon.

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