Digimon Adventure Episode 48
Dub Name: My Sister's Keeper
Japanese Name: The Command of Bombardment! Mugendramon
Tai and the others are on a road in the desert. Kariís face is flushed and she starts to cough. She slows down and collapses, her fever returning. They let her rest on a bench as Tai remembers years ago Kari was in the hospital. Tai now believes that they shouldnít have brought Kari to the digital world. Kabuterimon arrives and tells them that he spotted a city. The city is deserted and resembles parts of all the famous cities of the world. They land outside of a building and search for medicine. Agumon finds an aspirin box but it is empty. Tai and Izzy go to search the rest of the city for medicine while TK and Sora look after Kari. Izzy plugs his notebook into a phone booth and finds an online map of the city and the locations of all the hospitals. 

Machinedramon is tracking the digidestined everytime Izzy logs in. He sends Tankmon and Mekanorimon squadrons to the hospital that Tai and Izzy are at. Megadramon and Gigadramon also are sent. At the hospital Izzy finds the medicine thanks to his computer. Machinedramonís forces converge on the hospital and start to attack. They try to leave but are soon surrounded by Mekanorimon. They manage to escape and leave the hospital. Izzy uses his laptop again to find the traffic pattern for the city. The evil digimon converge on the new location. Izzy figures out that they are following them via his computer connection. Megadramon attacks and Agumon digivolves to Metalgreymon to fly them to safety. 

They arrive at a church when Tai starts to get really mad at Izzy. He tells the story of how Kari almost died because when she was last sick all he wanted to do was play soccer. He forced her to play with him and she wound up in the hospital. When she got out she apologized for being so bad at soccer, causing Tai to cry. Izzy comes up with a plan, he is going to mask their entry point on the computer and confuse the evil digimon. They escape but Machinedramon evokes plan Elimin-8. Gigadramon and Megadramon randomly start to destroy the entire city. Tai and Izzy arrive at the house where Kari was only to see Megadramon destroy it. Megadramonís attack is now headed for Tai but Angemon saves him revealing that the others are ok; TK evacuated them before the building was destroyed. Machinedramon now appears and blasts them, causing them to fall into the sewers.

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