Digimon Adventure Episode 47
Dub Name: Ogremon's Honour
Japanese Name: Wind! Light! Saber Leomon
The new digimon tells Joe and Mimi that he does not wish to harm them. He takes them upon his back and safely away from Metal Etemon. They enter a destroyed city and rest at the restaurant that Joe was forced to work at. The digimon dedigivolves to Leomon. He tells them that ever since he was freed from the black gear he can digivolve, thanks to the digivice that freed him, only he cannot control it. Ogremon attacks but Leomon refuses to fight back. Palmon finds two digimon, Gekomon and Otamamon, hiding beneath the floor. Puppetmon avoids the rest of the cannon blasts to find Tai and the others at his front door. Puppetmon runs away while the digidestined follow straight into a trap. Puppetmon’s minions the Red Vegiemon attack. 

Gekomon tells Mimi and Joe that the Dark Masters destroyed their palace. Leomon says that they must stay together and find the other digidestined because only then can they defeat the Dark Masters. Leomon continues in saying that File Island was a test. They have faced all these tests in the past so that they can face off with the Dark Masters. The champion digimon now face off against the Red Vegiemon. Agumon warp digivolves to fight Puppetmon. Puppetmon uses his strings to gain control over Wargreymon. Wargreymon is now forced to attack the other digidestined. When he goes after Kari, Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon. Birdramon digivolves to ultimate as well and destroys Puppetmon’s Hammer. Puppetmon is surrounded and once again the words of Cherrymon are in his mind. Puppetmon turns his mansion into a giant and attacks the digidestined. Metal Etemon finds the restaurant. Leomon digivolves to Saber Leomon and tells the others to run while he fights off Metal Etemon. Gomamon digivolves but Joe stops him from attacking. Palmon wants to digivolve too but Joe and Mimi want to run away. Ogremon starts to fight along side Saber Leomon until Mimi stops him as well. Metal Etemon calls down a black beam from the sky at Mimi but Saber Leomon gets in the way and takes the blast. Ikkakumon digivolves and throws his vulcan’s hammer at Metal Etemon. Both the harm and Metal Etemon are made of Chrome Digizoid metal so the hammer cracks Metal Etemon. Saber Leomon uses his twin fang attack to delete him before collapsing back to Leomon. 

Wargreymon stops the mansion from stepping on the digidestined. The other digimon attack but aren’t strong enough. Puppetmon runs away but is met by Metal Garurumon. He thinks he can control Metalgarurumon still but Matt informs him that isn’t the case. Metalgarurumon uses his metal wolf’s claw attack and deletes Puppetmon. As he starts to be deleted Puppetmon asks Cherrymon what it is that the digidestined has but he doesn’t. Cherrymon's Voice replies “friends”. The mansion collapses and the forest starts to disappear. Matt walks away again, still trying to find himself. Mimi is with the injured Leomon. Leomon shows them that since the forest is disappearing Puppetmon has been defeated. He tells them that he must go back to Primary Village. Ogremon and Leomon reach for each other as Leomon is deleted. Joe tells them that they must go to Primary Village but Ogremon says it was destroyed. Finally Mimi and Joe are convinced to fight the Dark Masters and gather more allies.

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