Digimon Adventure Episode 46
Dub Name: Etemon's Comeback Tour
Japanese Name: Metal Etemon Strikes Back
Ogremon is being chased through the forest by Woodmon. He is surrounded and uses his Pummel Whack attack to defeat some of them but there are just too many of them. A dark cloud appears in the sky. Joe and Mimi who are having a picnic notice the cloud and Joe sees that it is a meteorite. Ogremon is trapped on the edge of a cliff when the meteorite strikes and knocks him off. The other digidestined feel the impact and Tai says they should investigate. TK convinces them all to go to Puppetmonís house instead. Tai has second thoughts about facing off with Puppetmon but is finally convinced. The meteorite turns out to be Metal Etemon. Joe and Mimi go to where he struck and the cliff collapsed. They find an injured Ogremon. Mimi runs to him because she canít stand to see anyone hurt. Joe uses his training to get herbs and put Ogremonís arm in a sling. Ogremon is surprised that they helped him since on File Island he tried to destroy them. Mimi says thatís what friends do and Ogremon says he never had friends before. 

Puppetmon attacks and Gomamon digivolves to Zudomon. They attack each other but Zudomon is easily defeated and reverts to rookie. They all hear a Tarzan yell and Metal Etemon, now a mega digimon, arrives. He tells of how when Metal Greymon defeated him he was swallowed by a black hole. His data was scattered across the universe until he pulled himself together. Metal Etemon and Puppetmon fight each other, allowing Mimi, Joe and Ogremon to escape. At the mansion the digidestined run into Floramon and Deramon. They think they are guards but they donít like Puppetmon either. Puppetmon is controlling Metal Etemon by strings until they see that the digidestined have left. Puppetmon goes home, tired of Metal Etemon. 

Deramon agrees to give the digidestined a tour of Puppetmonís mansion. Metal Etemon is searching for Joe and Mimi. Ogremon wants to thank Mimi and Joe for helping him. It is the Code of the Ogremon to repay them. Inside of the mansion a jack in the box attacks the digidestined. Puppetmon returns home and the digidestined find a cannon to use against him. Mimi asks Ogremon why he is always fighting Leomon. Ogremon says that it is their destiny to be enemies and that he only exists to defeat Leomon. Metal Etemon soon finds them. They try to hide again until a lion digimon arrives and faces them.

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