Digimon Adventure Episode 45
Dub Name: The Ultimate Clash
Japanese Name: The Clash of Ultimates! War Greymon VS Metal Garurumon
Tai tries to calm Matt down. Joe tells them that they are chosen for this task and Matt wants to know who chose them. Tai says that Matt wants to be the boss to which Matt laughs, calling the others sorry. Tai and Agumon start to walk off but Metal Garurumon attacks again. Agumon warp digivolves and begins to fight back. At first War Greymon tries to stall and not fight but it is clear that Metal Garurumon will stop at nothing to fight. Matt calls Tai a chicken and gets punched for it. Mimi runs off and Sora tells her that her crying isnít helping. A light appears before Kari. Gatomon and Izzy see Kari talking to the light and it engulfing her. Kari holds up her crest and the light covers everyone. War Greymon and Metal Garurumon are reverted to their In-Training stages. 

They are in the past world now with Kari telling them about the balance between dark and light. The darkness consumes them and they see Greymon battling Parrotmon four years ago. Someone is using Kariís body to speak to them. That someone is like the digimon, data, but cannot take a shape. Kari is the only one that they can communicate through. They fly above the battle of four years ago. They are told that they possessed vital information four years ago, making them susceptible to the digimon. They enter another portal and are in a castle, the castle that Myotismon once controlled. There they see machines and the eight digieggs, crests and digivices. Cloaked figures walk buy. They monitor the positive and negative forces in the world to find harmony. They are the ones who created the crests and chose the digidestined. Kari tells them that the digimon cannot digivolve without the digidestined and that the digivices are only a tool. It is the qualities inside each of them that allow the digimon to digivolve. They are all asked about their crests and Matt chokes when it comes for him to mention friendship. Their crests represent their strongest qualities four years ago. The Dark Masters are aware of their plans however. Mekanorimon and Guardramon attack the cloaked figures. Piedmon tries to steal the digieggs but a young Gennai stops him. Piedmon inserts something into Gennaiís back to make him age rapidly but cannot stop him from taking back the eggs and stealing a Mekanorimon. 

Gennai flies away but is attacked, dropping Gatomonís egg and Digivice. Gennai takes the remainder to File Island where they hatch and await for the arrival of the digidestined. Kari tells them that they donít know what the Dark Masters are planning but that the digidestined will find out the answers on their own. Kari wakes up and doesnít remember what happened. Tai turns to Matt and asks him back on the team. Matt walks away again, still needing to find himself. They depart as friends until Mimi stops. She too doesnít want to go forward, tired of all the friends that they lost. Joe stay behind with her as the team is split into three groups. Gatomon says that they might be split up but their destiny will lead them to the same place.

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