Digimon Adventure Episode 43
Dub Name: Playing Games
Japanese Name: A Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon
Whamon saves Wargreymon from being eaten is hit by Metalseadramon's River of Power blast. Wargreymon uses Nova Force to cut through Metalseadramon, deleting the Dark Master. The victory is short lived as Whamon is also deleted. The ocean part of Spiral Mountain disappears. Puppetmon is the next Dark Master to face off against the digidestined. They start to leave but Mimi and Joe stop them. They are building memorials to their lost friends, Wizardmon, Chuumon, Piximon and now Whamon. Tai wants to go off and fight but Mimi wants to stay behind. Matt gets mad at Tai and tells him it isnít all about fighting. They are all finally convinced to go into the forest. Kari stops because she thought she heard a voice but no one else heard it. Kari runs to catch up. Puppetmon is watching them all in a screen in his house. He presses a button and the ground beneath their feet move faster. The digidestined get off the fast moving ground to another spot but then that moves fast as well. They get off of this and hide in the trees. Tai doesnít want to stay in the trees and hide, he wants to fight. Matt gets mad at him again. Puppetmon takes out dolls of the digidestined and controls them once again. This time they start to disappear and reappear. 

Matt and TK are the last ones in the trees where they have a fight. Matt wants to protect TK but TK says he is grown up now and is on Taiís side. Puppetmon continues playing with the dolls of the digidestined until he notices TK. He thinks TK would be the easiest one to control. Matt is still worrying after TK when they hear Puppetmon call to them. They finally see Puppetmon and Matt gets between him and TK. Puppetmon binds Matt with string and threatens to destroy him if TK doesnít come with him. TK follows him back to his house and they play hide and seek. Patamon arrives at the house. Gabumon finds Matt and frees him. They go to save TK but Kiwimon appears. Kiwimon attacks but Agumon and the other rookies block his attacks. Patamon finds the remote control that Puppetmon was using to control the digidestined. 

Puppetmon finds TK but stops to scratch his leg because itís made from poison oak. TK calls him boring and says that he has no friends. Puppetmon gets sad and tells TK that he has lots of friends and goes off to make some. TK meets up with Patamon and destroys the remote control and escapes the house. Gabumon tries to warp digivolve but Mattís digivice wonít respond. Biyomon digivolves and using her meteor wing attack to defeat Kiwimon. Matt gets mad at Sora and Biyomon for destroying their one link to where TK could be. TK returns and shows the dolls of the digidestined to the group. Matt and Gabumon walk off on their own.

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