Digimon Adventure Episode 41
Dub Name: Sea-Sick and Tired
Japanese Name: The Violent King of Sea! Metal Seadramon
The Digidestined land on a beach where Izzy notices the phone booths from when they first arrived in the digital world. Piedmon spies them with his telescope and Metalseadramon is sent after them first. The digidestined see someone drowning in the ocean. They get in an outrigger and paddle out to find Shellmon and a trap waiting for them. They try to paddle back to shore but Shellmon chases after them. Palmon, Tentomon, Biyomon and Gomamon save them as the marching fishes swim them back to shore. The sun starts to shine brighter and they notice a shack on the beach and the smell of food. They all run to the snack shop but Joe trips Mimi and they end up in the sand. The shack turns into a trap laid by Scorpiomon who attacks them and knocks them out. Mimi and Joe finally arrive and see the trap be sprung. Metalseadramon arrives and spies on his minions work. He notices that only six of the digidestined have been captured so orders Scorpiomon after the other two. Scorpiomon chases after Joe and Mimi. Gomamon and Palmon digivolve and try to fight him off but they arenít strong enough. 

Scorpiomon notices clams, his favorite food, and stops his attack. Togemon and Ikkakumon digivolve again and attack, this time knocking scorpiomon out. Metalseadramon starts to torch the shack the other children are in but Joe, Mimi and Lilymon wake them up and rescue them. Zudomon places scorpiomon in their place in the shack. Metalseadramon sees them escape and blames scorpiomon. The digidestined are now hiding out on the beach. Mimi and Joe tell them how they are still not strong enough, they needed ultimate level digimon to defeat scorpiomon. Metalseadramon discovers them. Lilymon holds him off while the others escape on Zudomonís back over the ocean. Metalseadramon attacks lilymon and reverts her back to palmon. Metalseadramon then rams Zudomon and turns him back into Gomamon before moving in for the kill.

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