Digimon Adventure Episode 40
Dub Name: Enter the Dark Masters
Japanese Name: The 4 Kings of Demon Mountain! Dark Masters
An evil Digimon is watching the Digidestined enter the digital world through a large telescope. We find out that he is the leader of a group of evil Digimon, The Dark Masters. The ultra suave and debonair digimon is called Piedmon and his partners are Puppetmon, Machinedramon and Metalseadramon. They are the self proclaimed "downfall of the digidestined". The digidestined arrive in the digital world and see Earth in the sky. Joe is attacked and almost falls off of a cliff. The Digimon digivolve to their rookie forms to fight off whatever attacked Joe but Kari holds them back. Kari finds that it is a scared and injured Chuumon. The digital world is shifting and collapsing beneath their feet and Joe manages to drag himself off the precipice of the cliff. Chuumon tells them of how the ground opened up beneath Sukamon and he fell in, never to be seen again. He tells them how an evil force has taken over the digital world and rebuilt it atop Spiral Mountain so that it was easier to conquer. The evil force is called The Dark Masters. 

Just then evil laughter is heard. Metalseadramon appears and chases after the digidestined. Agumon and the others digivolve to their champion forms and attack but they have no effect on a mega level digimon. Metalseadramon uses his River of Power attack and destroys the ground beneath their feet. Angemon wakes up to hear a growling sound. He goes off to investigate and is blasted back to Patamon. Machinedramon appears and the digimon digivolve to their ultimate forms. Machinedramon is too strong for them and his Giga Cannon attack destroys the ground beneath them once again. They fall until something catches them. Garudamon and Weregarurumon uncontrollably fight each other and the others seem to have no control over their actions. Izzy notices that strings are attached to all of them. Puppetmon appears and uses his Puppet Pummel attack to revert them back to rookies. 

The digidestined next find themselves in a coliseum. A clown comes in and tells the story of how the digidestined are ultimately defeated. The clown turns out to be Piedmon. Agumon and Gabumon warp digivolve and attack. Piedmon uses his Trump Sword attack and easily defeats them. They are newly mega and thus are not powerful enough yet to fight Piedmon. The rest of the Dark Masters appear. Mimi begins to cry which gets on Piedmonís nerves. He throws a dagger at her but Chuumon saves her and is deleted. Piximon then arrives and saves the digidestined. He whisks them away with a barrier and tells them that being together isnít enough to win; they need to learn something else. He sends them away to safety while he sacrifices himself against the Dark Masters.

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