Digimon Adventure Episode 39 Dub Name: The Battle For Earth Japanese Name: The Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Destroy the Darkness Summary: Wareymon and Metalgarurumon attack and finally has some noticeable effect. Gomamon and Joe charge into battle followed by Sora and Mimi. All the digimon digivolve to their champion forms and attack at once. Wargreymon uses Mega Claw and tears through Venom Myotismon’s torso. A face comes out of the hole and Venom Myotismon says that all they did was awaken the beast within. The Digidestined start to doubt themselves if they can ever win, except for Tai. His crest starts to glow followed by all the other crests. Lights from the crest bind Venom Myotismon. Wargreymon using the ball from the TV station uses Terra Force while Metalgarurumon uses Ice’s Wolf’s Claw attack on the face in Venom Myotismon’s stomach. The attack finally defeats Venom Myotismon and the people at the convention center start to wake up. The digimon are now de-digivolved to their rookies or in-training form, including Gatomon who is now Salamon. The fog clears up but the sky is striped with what appears to be an upside down island there. Military planes try to find out what is really in the sky but their engines fail when they get too close. Tai and Izzy look through his telescope. Tai sees a jet get too close and lose power. Biyomon digivolves and tries to save it but Kuwagamon interrupts. Birdramon digivolves again and now has the strength to save the plane. Kabuterimon goes after Kuwagamon but his attacks go right through. News reports from all over the world are coming in now telling of how digimon are appearing all over. Izzy tells them that the island in the sky is really the digital world. Tai says that since time is much faster in the digital world it has been years and years since they were last there and things must have gotten much worse. Tai says they have to go back. Their crests glow and they start the trip. Their parents try to stop them but are finally convinced that they must leave once again. They say goodbye as they are taken into the digital world.
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