Digimon Adventure Episode 38
Dub Name: Prophecy
Japanese Name: Revival! The Demon Lord Venom Vamdemon

Gennai emails Izzy with a prophecy on what is happening with myotismon and how to finally defeat him. Sora and Izzy complain that it was "as clear as mud". The children go back home to their families to change and such. Once back they split up into two groups, the first to the convention center and the others to find out how to penetrate the fog barrier. At the convention the people are still asleep. Matt's dad can't get through the fog barrier and on their way back to land are attacked by gizamon. They manage to make it safely to the car and the Gizamon are deleted by Myotismon's bats. Matt's dad looks to the sky and sees the bats, fulfilling the first part of the prophecy. Izzy's parents tell him that he is adopted to which Izzy tells them that he already knew. Izzy's father was a cousin of his current dad and a lecturer at the university. His real parents were killed in a car accident. His adopted parents thought Izzy would be upset with him but he assures them that he loves the and they are his parents.

The sleeping people wake up in a trance and call out to their master, Myotismon. Outside Myotismon's shadow arises and the bats turn the fallen evil digimon into energy for him. The next part of the prophecy informs them that the real form of the beast will appear at the hour of the beast, 6:06:06. As the time arrives the TV station explodes and VenomMyotismon appears. VenomMyotismon still needs more energy and eats demidevimon. He starts to go after the people at the convention center but Metalgreymon and weregarurumon get in his way. Tai goes to the convention center to warn them. Gatomon and Patamon go back with Tai to the battle while Joe, Sora and Mimi protect the sleeping people. Gatomon and Patamon digivolve while Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon are drained of energy and dedigivolved.

The two angels attack with little effect as everything one of VenomMyotismon's attacks touches is deleted. Izzy explains that VenomMyotismon is actually a mega level digimon. Matt's dad reminds them of the prophecy and what it says about angels. They figure out that Angemon and Angewomon must fire their arrows at Matt and Tai for the miracle to happen. The angels do so and as the arrows hit Agumon and Gabumon warp digivolve to their mega levels, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon.

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