Digimon Adventure Episode 37
Dub Name: Wizardmon's Gift
Japanese Name: All Perfect Digimon's Attack! The Twinkling Angewomon

The episode begins with Sora convincing Matt to stop being a crybaby and go after Kari. Demidevimon informs Myotismon that they have found the 8th child. Myotismon leaves the convention center but not before making sure the other children are put to sleep. Mimi is put to sleep as well but awakens thanks to her crest tag. Tai watches Myotismon leave and starts to chase after him but is met by bakamon. Agumon digivolves to Greymon and destroys them. Tai meets up with Mimi who tells him that myotismon has the 8th child, upsetting Tai; his sister is in trouble! Wizardmon wakes up and regains some of his strength. He asks Joe and TK where Kari is, finally explaining to them that Kari is the 8th child and Gatomon is her digimon. Izzy and Matt's dad find Matt and Sora. Izzy explains all about digimon to Matt's dad. Joe and TK arrive as well.

Wizardmon, seeing that lilymon is hurt, heals her. Upon waking up lilymon goes to attack Wizardmon but TK gets in the way and explains the situation to her. Looking skyward they see myotismon arrive with gatomon. They start to go after them but snimon and tuskmon once again stop them. Garurumon digivolves and he, Zudomon and Garudamon fight them off allowing the others to chase after myotismon. Myotismon appears before Kari for the first time as Tai and Mimi make it to the TV station. Myotismon asks Kari why she turned herself in. Kari defiantly says "someone had to stop you from hurting innocent people", shocking Myotismon momentarily. Gatomon and Kari are reunited and myotismon goes in for the kill. Kabuterimon and Lillymon attack him but myotismon easily evades the attacks and flies to the top of the station with Kari and Gatomon. Kabuterimon digivolves and goes after Myotismon along with Weregarurumon. Myotismon easily defeats them. Wizardmon attacks from behind and throws the crest tag to Kari. Wizardmon's triumph is short lived as myotismon attacks him for his good deed. Tai and greymon arrive. Tai goes to throw the digivice to Kari but Demidevimon steals it in mid air. Phantomon attacks Tai causing Greymon to digivolve. Metalgreymon uses his giga blaster attack on Myotismon but once again he easily evades. All the ultimates now use their attacks on myotismon but even with all their powers together they cannot even touch him. Patamon digivolves and uses his Hand of Fate attack on Myotismon, momentarily stunning him and destroying Phantomon.

Myotismon uses his grisly wing attack on Kari but Wizardmon gets in the way and is mortally wounded. Gatomon and Kari run to their fallen friend who tells them that he has no regrets, without Gatomon his life would have been meaningless. Kari cries causing her digivice to glow. Demidevimon drops it and it lands in Tai's hands who throws it to Kari, this time reaching her. Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon and the two angels face off against myotismon. The two angels ask Myotismon if he has any regrets which of course he doesn't. Angewomon uses Heaven's Charm on Myotismon momentarily binding him and increasing the powers of the other digimon. All the digimon aim their attacks at angewomon who uses them to create a Celestial Arrow which pierces Myotismon and seemingly defeats him. The digidestined are happy that they defeated Myotismon until TK notices that the fog has only gotten thicker.

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