Digimon Adventure Episode 36
Dub Name: City Under Siege
Japanese Name: The Barrier Breakthrough! Zudomon Spark

Myotismon continues his attack on Lillymon, using his nightmare claw attack to infect her with darkness. Birdramon saves Lillymon and Sora but cannot save Sora's mom. Kari is getting upset over all the bad that is happening and is blaming herself. Tai leaves her under Matt's protection and goes off to find the others. Gennai emails Izzy. He tells him to put up a digital barrier and gives him a program to download. Izzy's mom and dad arrive and try to get him to leave but he resists saying it is safer where they are. After the barrier is up the Bakemon cannot see that Izzy and his parents are there! Tentomon then talks to them and introduces himself.

At the convention center demidevimon causes the humans to sleep while children are shown to Gatomon for her to tell who the 8th child is Myotismon arrives through a portol and warns her if she lies to him he will kill them all. Joe and TK meet up trying to get into the blocked off district that is under Myotismon's control. Gomamon digivolves to ikkakumon so they can cross the harbour on his back. TK's mom arrives but TK and Joe tell her that they are safe and going into the city. Gennai tells Izzy how to bring down Myostismon's barrier. He leaves with Tentomon, telling his parents they are safe if they stay in his room. Tai meets up with Sora. She tells him that everyone is at the convention center. Tai tells Sora where Matt is and to go to him while Tai infiltrates the center. Phantomon sees Sora leave and follows her. Matt's dad tries to communicate with the outside world, even if it means using smoke signals. Joe and TK run into megaseadramon who is destroying a bridge. Ikkakumon attacks but isn't strong enough to do damage. Megaseadramon knocks them into the water where TK cannot swim. Joe saves him but can't swim either and starts to drown. Ikkakumon digivolves to Zudomon for the first time and saves both Joe and TK. Zudomon uses his vulcan's hammer attack to destroy Megaseadramon. They then enter the fog bank and meet up with Wizardmon who did not drown! Wizardmon shows them that he has the crest tag for the 8th child. Matt's dad at the TV station from the Bakemon saves Izzy.

Sora meets up with Matt and Kari and right behind her is Phantomon. Phantomon brings along two of his lackeys, Tuskmon and Snimon. Gabumon digivolves and attacks tuskmon while birdramon fights snimon. Phantomon attacks Matt and Sora causing Garudomon to appear. Kari is upset over all the fighting and feels that it is all her fault. She approaches Phantomon and tells him that she is the 8th child. Phantomon takes Kari away.

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