Digimon Adventure Episode 35
Dub Name: Flower Power
Japanese Name: The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilymon Blossoms

A heavy fog is encircling the one area of the city. We see the digidestined with their parents or at home. Joe is upset that he got a C in a class; he and gomamon try to get a boat to take them into the city. Mimi meets with her dad and mom and has dinner. The TV goes out at Matt's house. Matt's dad works at the TV station where all the electronics in the city seem to be going haywire. Matt's dad figures out the monsters and fog are connected and goes out to investigate. TK, seeing the fog on the news, tells his mom that they must go to find Matt and his dad.

Phantomon and Bakemon are making their way through the city, attacking various people and the TV station. The Bakemon break into the Kamiya residence but agumon chases them off temporarily. They return to take his mom away. Mimi and her family are next attacked and captured by the Bakemon. Biyomon saves Sora's mom from the Bakemon and then together they go out to find Sora. Myotismon plan is to separate the children from their parents in order to find the 8th child. Matt's dad goes to the TV station to see if he can find out what is going on. He tells Matt not to worry, that Gabumon will protect him, revealing that he somehow knows about gabumon! Agumon digivolves to greymon to try and save Tai's mom but is beaten by Phantomon.

Biyomon and Sora's mom arrive at the soccer field to find no one there because Sora, Mimi and Palmon have all been captured and taken to the convention center. Biyomon and Sora's mom dress up as Bakemon to infiltrate the center. One of Matt's dads co-workers, Joshua, are at the convention center too. He has self-help, mind over matter tapes, causing Sora to remember back when her and Joe first met the Bakemon. Joe said that the only way to weaken the Bakemon is with mind over matter. While half of the captured people attack the Bakemon, Sora uses the tapes to weaken the Bakemon. They start to leave the convention center but run into Dark Tyrannomon. Mimi's dad attacks with a motorized cart but is soon brushed aside. Mimi gets upset and Palmon digivolves to Togemon. Togemon isn't strong enough and Mimi starts to despair over the situation. Her tears and sincerity cause togemon to digivolve to Lillymon for the first time. Lillymon uses a flower reef to cancel out the evil virus controlling Dark Tyrannomon.

Meanwhile Matt, Kari and Tai meet up. Matt is told that Kari is the 8th child. Phantomon destroys the mind over matter tapes but Sora is rescued by Birdramon, reuniting her and her mom temporarily. Myotismon sends dark tyrannomon back to the digital world and uses his crimson lightning attack on Lillymon.

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