Digimon Adventure Episode 34
Dub Name: The Eighth Child Revealed
Japanese Name: A Bond of Destiny! Tailmon

Joe calls Tai to tell him that he didn't find the 8th child and that no other students were at Heighton View Terrace. Gatomon is across the street looking through a window at Kari and Miko. She does not understand why she couldn't attack her the other day. We see a flashback to when Gatomon was salamon and a slave to Myotismon. Myotismon would always hurt her because he did not like the look of her eyes. Gatomon removes her gloves to show that she still has the scars from then. Other than that her past is a blur to her. Her friend Wizardmon appears but Gatomon quickly sends him away. Wizardmon flies into the city to look for the 8th child when his crest tag reacts. He finds in a birds nest in a tree the digivice. Demidevimon soon appears but Wizardmon hides the digivice from him. Matt calls Tai and tells him about how Myotismon destroyed two of his own flunkies last night.

Wizardmon returns to Gatomon with the digivice. He tells her that the location of the 8th child is in her heart. He tells her to remember her past. Gatomon isn't convinced that Wizardmon is on her side so questions whether he is spying for Myotismon. He says that she is his only friend. Another flashback to when Wizardmon was alone and collapsed from exhaustion. Gatomon gave him water and was the only one to help him. There Gatomon tells her secret of always waiting for her but doesn't know who it is. Back to the present, Wizardmon says that she knows who it is and flies to where Kari is. Gatomon arrives and Wizardmon says that her search is over! Wizardmon gives the digivice to Kari, it glows revealing she is the 8th child. Wizardmon tells that Kari is the 8th child and that Gatomon is her digimon. Agumon and Tai come out to see them talking, Agumon attacks but Gatomon steps in the way so it doesn't hurt Kari. Kari explains that she is the 8th child. Wizardmon gives the digivice to Tai so that Myotismon doesn't find out who Kari is yet. Wizardmon and Gatomon now must go to where Myotismon is hiding out to obtain the real crest tag.

At Myotismon's island, Wizardmon convinces the guarding Bakemon to give him the key to Myotismon's coffin. There Wizardmon finds a crest but Myotismon soon appears revealing that he has the real tag all along. Myotismon attacks Wizardmon and Gatomon but proves too strong for them. During the battle Myotismon realizes that Gatomon is the 8th digimon! Myotismon drops Wizardmon in the water to drown him. Greymon and Tai arrive to help out Gatomon. Myotismon proves to be too strong so greymon digivolves to metalgreymon. Myotismon uses his crimson lightning attack to dedigivolve him back to agumon. Myotismon's bats capture Gatomon and carry her away with him.

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