Digimon Adventure Episode 32
Dub Name: Gatomon Comes Calling
Japanese Name: The Heated Tokyo Tower! Death Meramon

It is late at night, foggy and Myotismon is on the hunt for human blood. His carriage rolls by a woman on the street. He stops and gets out and drinks her blood (lucky woman). Demidevimon is on a freighter waiting for his master. Myotismon comes and tells him to continue the search for the eighth child. The next morning Tai is at home searching for his old phone book in his room. On the news are stores of the monsters plaguing the city and young women being hospitalized with anemia. Izzy comes over and finds that Koromon is now Agumon. Tentomon is dressed in his disguise, a baseball hat and an overcoat. Agumon has his own idea for a disguise, a black hooded sweatshirt. The digidestined meet in the park to formulate a plan to find the eighth child. Izzy tells them that they were all at Highton View Terrace four years ago so the eighth child was probably there as well. Everyone gives their phonebooks to Joe so he can call everyone while they search the city on foot.

Myotismon meets with Gatomon and tells her to go out and find the child. While leaving she meets up with Demidevimon who is jealous that she is Myotismon's favourite. Kari is chasing after Miko in the park. She crosses paths with Gatomon. They both stopped and look back at each other. Kari asks if Gatomon is a friend of Agumon. Gatomon runs off only to follow Kari back home but Kari knows she is being followed.

Mimi and Sora go to a tower to get a better view of the city. A digimon in a raincoat follows them up. Mimi and Palmon love the air conditioning in the tower but when the digimon in the raincoat enters the air goes out and it gets hot again. The digimon removes his coat, revealing himself to be Skullmeramon. Tai and Izzy notice that the tower is bending, from the heat given off by Skullmeramon. Tai takes out his spyglass to notice Birdramon fighting with Skullmeramon. Togemon joins the fight but Skullmeramon proves to be too powerful. Skullmeramon's metal fireball attack destroys part of the tower but Kabuterimon saves the humans that are still in it. Agumon digivolves to Greymon and attacks with his Nova blast attack. The attack only makes Skullmeramon stronger. Greymon digivolves again to Metalgreymon who uses his Giga Blaster attack to destroy him. At the Kamiya residence Gatomon is watching Kari. She crawls up behind her on the couch and goes to take a swipe at her but Kari notices. Gatomon falls off the couch and scampers out of the house.

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