Digimon Adventure Episode 31
Dub Name: The Eighth Digivice
Japanese Name: Raremon! The Tokyo Bay Sudden Attack

The episode opens with Myostismon ordering Demidevimon to find the eighth digidestined child. As Tai is arriving home Koromon wants to know if Kari is finally over her cold. Koromon then questions whether Kari is the eighth child or not. Meanwhile Kari is playing with her cat, Miko. Miko notices a digivice under the couch and snatches it. He takes it onto the balcony and drops it. Their parents come home from visiting Tai and Kari's grandmother, who is also sick. Their mom asks Tai why he is home so early from camp. Tai explains that snow cancelled camp. Mom sees Koromon and asks what it is to which Tai replies a gift for Kari.

Izzy returns home and we meet his mom. He goes to his room and opens his window so that Tentomon can enter. Izzy leaves for Tai's house. On the news is a report talking about monstrous life forms being spotted in the bay. Izzy returns home from Tai's house and installs a lock on his bedroom door. We see a flashback of when Izzy was younger. It is late at night and his mother and father are speaking on the couch. Unknown to them, Izzy is listening behind them. His parents are talking about how Izzy is adopted and they don't know how or when to tell him. After the flashback it is dinnertime. Izzy brings some of his dinner to his room so that he can feed Tentomon. At Tai's house, Tai is eating more of his mother's cooking than usual, because he is feeding so much of it to Koromon! Miko is now chasing another cat that stole the digivice. He follows it into the back of a truck. Back in Tai's room, Kari tells him that she missed him. Tai asks her if she remembers what happened 4 years ago at Highton View Terrace. Kari says that Koromon got huge and fought a bird monster. Koromon asks her about a digivice and whether she has one or not. Tai shows her his digivice and Kari says she doesn't have one.Tai and Koromon then fall instantly asleep and Kari goes off searching for Miko.

The truck with Miko and the digivice in it pass over a bridge, below which is Raremon, one of Myotismon's servants. Demidevimon's crest tag also glows, signaling the digivice is near. On Izzy's computer Gennai contacts Izzy about Raremon in the bay. Izzy calls Tai, Matt and Sora, all of whom are asleep. Izzy is alone in this and disguises Tentomon to face the evil Digimon alone. Raremon has made it to land now and attacks the truck carrying Miko and the digivice. Tentomon and Izzy arrive and they find out that the eighth child and digivice are nearby. Izzy goes after the digivice while Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon to take care of Raremon. Tai's mom wakes Tai up. He calls Izzy's house and gets his mom. His mom goes to his door to find it locked. Raremon attacks with Rapid Decay but Kabuterimon counters with his electro shocker attack. Raremon retreats back into the water and drags Kabuterimon down with him.

A dog finds Miko, scaring him and making him drop the digivice. A Blackbird finds the device, picks it up and flies away with it. Kabuterimon escapes the water and flies overhead. When Raremon appears he uses electro shocker attack again, destroying Raremon. Kabuterimon then flies off to find Demidevimon cornering Izzy. He manages to chase Demidevimon away and they return home safely. Kari sees the blackbird with the digivice fly overhead.

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