Digimon Adventure Episode 30
Dub Name: Almost Home Free
Japanese Name: The Great Crossing of Digimons at Toyko

Demidevimon tells Myotismon that the digidestined have returned to Earth. He makes them widen the search pattern for the last child. The digidestined ride the subway to get to Odaiba. Tsunomon and Koromon think the subway is an evil digimon and jump in front of it but luckily arenít hurt. On the train there is a crying baby and her mother to which Sora gives her seat up for. The baby pulls on Yokomon until Yokomon yells at her. Sora pretends that Yokomon is a doll and she is a ventriloquist. Everyone wants a toy like hers and they ask Sora where she got it from. Sora tells them that she got it at the department store at the next stop. Everyone gets off the train except for the digidestined. They soon fall asleep on the way home and pass their stop. They arrive at the end of the line before waking up. They are hungry so they get off to eat. Everyone uses the last of their money to eat except for Joe and Izzy. Without any money left they canít take the subway back home.

Tai tries hitch hiking, followed by Matt. Neither of them can get a car to stop. Joe and Izzy try calling for a cab but when one comes they have no money to pay for it. Sora tries and her cousin stops for her. He gives them a ride but is a little loopy. Koromon goes to the bathroom on his seat so he gets mad and kicks them out. Sora says it was her fault but her cousin Dwayne blames Joe. Izzy goes to help Joe but Dwayne knocks him into the river. Tentomon tries to save him but cannot. Gesomon comes out of the water and attacks them. Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon, causing Dwayne to run away. As they fight people start to watch and think that they are making some movie. Ikkakumon defeats Gesomon and the digidestined leave for home on his back.

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