Digimon Adventure Episode 29
Dub Name: Return To Highton View Terrace
Japanese Name: The Great Clash of Mammon at Hikarigaoka!

Tai and the others are at camp and want to find out how much time has passed. They meet up with their teacher. He tells them that camp is closing early because of the snow. He thinks the digimon are toys. Tai tells him that they are bringing them home for his sister Kari. Myotismon gives fake crests to Gatomon and Demidevimon to find the child. The digidestined want to go to Highton View Terrace but their teacher says he has to drop them off home. The bus driver says the bus passes by the apartments and Joe says that he will take responsibility for the others. The teacher agrees since Joe is reliable. Gatomon cannot find the eighth child yet. Myotismon gives crests to the entire evil army.

The bus drops them off near Highton View Terrace. All the kids find out that they lived there at the exact same time. They look up and see Myotismon’s bats. Mammothmon, one of his henchmen, is rampaging through the city. Izzy lived at the apartments for only six months and then moved away. Joe said it was the terrorist bombing 4 years ago that caused a lot of people to move away. Cop cars pass by and they follow them to find Mammothmon. All radios and cell phones are dead in the area. Biyomon digivolves and uses her meteor wing attack but it is easily deflected. Mammothmon uses Tusk Crusher to knock her down. TK and Matt remember seeing two monsters right after the terrorist bombing. Slowly they all remember that night.

Mammothmon knocks down Birdramon again. Birdramon digivolves to Garudamon. Tai remembers that four years ago Greymon and another digimon fought each other. After the battle the two digimon disappeared. Garudamon uses her Wing Blade attack to defeat Mammothmon. The digidestined run away before the cops arrive. The digidestined realize that the eighth child must have lived at Highton View Terrace four years ago; it is the one connection between all of them.

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