Digimon Adventure Episode 28
Dub Name: It's All In The Cards
Japanese Name: Pursuit! Urgently to Japan

They receive another message from Gennai. He says there is another way to open the gate. He says with the right keys they can open it and they are to come to his house so he can tell them what to do. He has a searchlight guide them. The light is coming from the middle of a lake. Gomamon finds steps under the water that will take them there. At his house they find the real Gennai. They ask him why they were chosen as the digidestined but Gennai tells them it wasn’t important, what is important is that they return home and find the eighth child. Myotismon is already in Japan, in their hometown searching. He gives the digidestined 10 cards, which will fill the 9 holes to open the gate. The cards go in the proper holes, but one of them is a fake. Gennai says the wrong combination will cause disaster and lead to the wrong world. All of them are asleep now except for Gennai and Izzy. Gennai says that there the digital world is made up of the missing and broken data from the real world. Gennai tells him that digimon are either Data, Virus or Vaccine.

After breakfast Gennai sends them back to the castle. Tentomon digivolves twice and as Megakabuterimon distracts the Devidramon. He defeats them and as Motimon bounces after them. As Megakabuterimon he was able to destroy the illusions and warping of the castle. At the gate Tai tries to figure out the cards but cannot. The castle starts to shift and collapse. The digidestined choose Tai to open the gate but he gives the job to Izzy. Izzy figures out that the cards are divided by level and type but there are two vaccine rookie cards, Gomamon and Agumon. Dokugumon attacks. Gabumon, Gomamon and Palmon digivolve to hold them off while Tai selects the final card. Dokugumon uses its poison thread attack to trap the digimon in a web. Garurumon digivolves and breaks free. Weregarurumon deletes Dokugumon and Tai uses the Gomamon card to open the gate. After passing through the gate they find themselves on Earth at camp.
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