Digimon Adventure Episode 27
Dub Name: The Gateway To Get Home
Japanese Name: The Dark Castle! Vamdemon

he digidestined are fishing when Gennai wants to talk to them via the laptop. He has good and bad news for them. The good news is that there is an eighth child. They must go to Japan to find the eighth child. The bad news is that Myotismon is going to Japan to search for the child as well. Demidevimon has gathered forces for Nanimon to train. Palmon and Agumon dress up and sneak into the training ground. Myotismon is reading when Demidevimon enters. Gatomon tells them both that Demidevimonís new forces are all useless. Gatomon has found the most ferocious digimon to join their army. Myotismon dismisses them and leaves to inspect the room that is the gateway to Earth. Gennai informs the digidestined that the gate to Earth
is in the castle.

Nanimon is training the new army. They are all tired. Sukamon has an idea on how to leave Nanimon, soda bubbles are his weakness. Numemon gets soda while the others are forced to wrestle. Nanimon is given the soda and starts to dance before passing out. Palmon uses her vines to bring the other digidestined into the castle. They are all searching the castle now but find that it is totally weird and filled with optical illusions. Gomamon hears someone coming and they see the evil army pass by them. They decide to follow them.

Myotismon tells the new forces and Nanimon to neutralize the digidestined while he triumphs in the new world. He uses cards to open the gate and he and his army pass through it. Tai enters the room and tries to stop Myotismon but Nanimon and Demidevimon block their path. Agumon and Palmon digivolve scaring off Nanimon. Tentomon and Gomamon digivolve and are attacked by Gatomon. The digidestined try to get to the gate but Gatomon uses her tail ring to summon Devidramon's. The Devidramon use hypnosis on the digimon. As they battle the gate starts to close. Greymon digivolves and defeats the Devidramon. Gatomon goes through the closing gate, which closes before the digidestined can reach it.

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