Digimon Adventure Episode 26
Dub Name: Sora's Crest Of Love
Japanese Name: Shining Wings! Garudamon

Tai, Joe and Mimi paddle the swan boat to shore to meet up with Matt, TK and Izzy. They are now all together except for Sora. Mimi says that she saw Sora in a dream at the castle. Koromon says that it was Sora who told him about the mushrooms being poisonous. They detect a signal on their digivices and begin to search for her. Myotismon is upset that the crests are all glowing except for Love. Demidevimon tells him that he will prevent the crest of Love from glowing. Flymon attacks the digidestined. Koromon and Tsunomon digivolve. The rookies attack but Flymon is too strong. Birdramon appears and uses her meteor wing attack to defeat Flymon. Birdramon leaves once the digidestined are safe. Tai and the others race after her. Sora tries to run away but runs into Tai instead.

Sora tells them the story of her searching for Tai. She saw Demidevimon talking got someone in a giant bubble. They were talking about each crest and how it has a special meaning, like Tai’s being Courage. Sora explains all of their crests to them. Tai says that the crest of love fits her and Sora denies it. She tells Tai that he doesn’t know the first thing about her. Sora is upset because her crest won’t glow because she has no love. Back when she was younger she was on the girls’ soccer team. She was injured and her Mom wouldn’t let her play, she wanted her to work in their flower shop instead. Her mom wanted her to quit playing soccer forever. Sora thinks that her mom thinks more about her business than anything else. Tai tells her not to believe it. TK thanks her for saving them from the mushrooms. Biyomon then tells them all about how she saved them. Demidevimon informs Myotismon that the digidestined are now all together. Myotismon leaves his castle in a carriage.

That night Demidevimon stabs Biyomon with a demi dart meant for Sora. Myotismon drops out of the sky and lands among the digidestined. He uses his Grisly Wing attack and his bats attack them. The rookies attack but there are too many bats. Palmon and Gomamon digivolve and attack Myotismon. The attacks do nothing and Myotismon attacks using Crimson Lightning. Biyomon wants to help but Sora stops her, fearing for her safety. Sora remembers her mom and realizes that her mom was only worried about her. Biyomon digivolves. Myotismon attacks Birdramon with his Crimson Lightning attack. Sora cries out and Birdramon digivolves to Garudamon. Myotismon is mad that the crest of love has glowed. Garudamon takes the digidestined and flies away to safety. The next day Sora comes to realize that her mom really did love her after all. Myotismon's voice is then heard telling the Digidestined that it will soon be their doom.
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