Digimon Adventure Episode 25
Dub Name: Princess Karoake
Japanese Name: The Sleeping Tyrant! Tonosama Gekomon

Tai and Joe are peddling the swan boat. They reach another shore and see a giant palace. Their digivice tells them that Mimi is nearby. They climb to the top of the mountain to the palace and hear bickering. There they find Gekomon and Otamamon. The digimon ask Tai and Joe if they brought the food and clothing that was ordered. Princess Mimi then comes in. Myotismon asks Demidevimon if the plan at the palace is succeeding. Myotismon says that the Crest of Sincerity will be useless if Mimi continues to be spoiled.

Tai and Joe try to get Mimi to leave but she doesn't want to. Palmon enters, also dressed in the clothes of a princess. Tai tries to get them to change their clothes and leave. Mimi rings a bell and has the Gekomon remove them. The Gekomon don't take them out of the palace, instead they tell them the story behind why they need Mimi. They take Tai and Joe to see Shogungekomon. He has been frozen in a trance ever since he was beating in a singing competition. Only a voice as beautiful as the one that defeated him can wake him up. Demidevimon told the Gekomon about Mimi's beautiful voice. They then made her their princess and tried to get her to sing but she constantly pretends to not know the words.

Tai says that he will try and sing to wake Shogungekomon up but his voice is horrible. Joe, Agumon and Gomamon then try but they can't sing either. Tai then comes up with a plan to trick Mimi into singing. They set up a karaoke machine in her room attached to a tape recorder. With Palmon's help they will record her singing. Mimi notices that it is a trap and screams into the microphone. She then has them all locked up in jail, including Palmon. Palmon calls Mimi a spoiled brat.

Mimi dreams of being attacked by evil digimon and she turns to the Gekomon for help. They refuse her and then she asks Tai and Palmon. Both of her friends turn away from her and refuse to help. Sora wakes her up and tells her to do what is needed to make things right. Mimi's crest glows and Sora is gone. The Gekomon free Tai and the others and bring them to Shogungekomon. There they find Mimi back in her normal clothing. She apologizes to them and sings. Shogungekomon wakes up and starts to attack everyone. He tries to squish them for waking him up but Palmon digivolves. Mimi yells a Shogungekomon for being ungrateful. Ikkakumon and Greymon now attack but Shogungekomon knocks them both down. He jumps at them and Greymon digivolves. Metalgreymon uses his Giga Blaster attack to knock part of the palace down on Shogungekomon. Tai and the others now leave the palace to meet back up with Matt. Myotismon tortures Demidevimon again.

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