Digimon Adventure Episode 24
Dub Name: No Questions, Please
Japanese Name: An Overthrow! AltarKabuerimon

Izzy and Tentomon are searching for Gennai. Demidevimon puts up signs to lead them in the wrong direction. Demidevimon flashes back to when Myotismon tells him to steal the crests. Now Demidevimon uses the false signs to cause Izzy and Tentomon to fall down an endless pit. Izzy and Tentomon are falling until duckie life rafts stop their fall. A voice calls them greedy because they want to know too much. The voice says it is Izzy has to give up his curiosity or he will keep on falling into the pit. They find themselves in outer space and Vademon appears and tells them that this is his universe. Vademon starts to sap Izzy's curiosity. He then gives Izzy a book explaining how to erase thoughts. Tentomon opens up the laptop and finds that Tai is sending a transmission. Izzy shuts the laptop and doesn't bother to talk to Tai.

Vademon places Izzy's curiosity on a shelf in his shop. The doorbell rings and Demidevimon is there. Demidevimon shows Vademon a picture of Izzy and Tentomon, wanting to know if he has seen them. Demidevimon wants their tag and crests and agrees to trade his curiosity for them. Vademon returns to Izzy and tells him to give up all his possessions except for his clothes. Vademon is now in possession of the tag and crest and is willing to trade but finds that Demidevimon has not curiosity.

Tentomon has now dedigivolved to Motimon and then to Pabumon. Pabumon starts to cry and Izzy starts to get mad. Pabumon tries to make Izzy remember who he is. Pabumon finally succeeds and wakes Izzy up. A door appears and they hear Vademon and Demidevimon arguing. Izzy and Pabumon sneak into the room and Pabumon steals back the tag and crest. Izzy traps Vademon and Demidevimon in the universe and Pabumon goes off to find Izzy's curiosity. Vademon chases them back into his universe. Pabumon digivolves to Motimon and then to Tentomon. Vademon shots at Izzy and Tentomon digivovles again. Vademon attacks Kabuterimon with a meteor shower. Izzy tells him to digivolve again and kabuterimon digivolves to Megakabuterimon. Vademon throws a planet at Megakabuterimon but he uses his horn buster attack to destroy it. Megakabuterion defeats Vademon and returns to the digital world with Izzy, right in front of Matt and TK.

Gennai appears before them and tells them that the connection between both worlds has been damaged. Demidevimon goes to apologize again to Myotismon. Myotismon tortures him with his bats.

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