Digimon Adventure Episode 23
Dub Name: Weregarurumon's Diner
Japanese Name: Friends! Were Garurumon

Matt lands his swan boat on shore and follows some digimon to a diner. Vegiemon is the manager there and he throws Gomamon out of the restaurant. Matt and Gabumon meet up with Gomamon and want to know what is happening. Matt finds that Joe and Gomamon are working in the restaurant. Joe tells him that after splitting up he met with Demidevimon. Demidevimon told him that he knew where to find his friends and brought him to the diner. There Joe ate as much as he could but didn't have the proper money to pay for it. Vegiemon makes him work so that he can pay off his debt. The problem is that as Joe is working he keeps making mistakes and breaks things, causing him to have to stay longer. He is now stuck working there for another six weeks. Digitamamon, the owner of the diner enters, and tells Matt to work off the debt.

Digitamamon later meets up with Demidevimon who tells him to make Matt stay and work there. Digitamamon then tells Matt that if he leaves something bad will have to happen to Joe. Matt helps Joe work off the debt but Joe is being sabotaged and more and more time is being added on. Demidevimon tries to further sabotage things by destroying the potato bin but Sora saves the day and stops that from happening. Matt is on break and playing his harmonica. Demidevimon approaches him and tries to convince Matt that Joe is not his friend and is making the mistakes on purpose.

Meanwhile Tai's digivice goes off. They enter the diner and find Gabumon and Gomamon. TK and Tai then find Matt. Matt apologizes to TK for not coming back for him. Matt says he is not leaving anywhere with Joe because he deliberately tries to wreck things. Digitamamon and Demidevimon arrive. Joe and Matt are made to see that Demidevimon has lied to both of them. Matt gets angry and Gabumon digivolves. Digitamamon knocks down Garurumon and Vegimon grabs TK. Gomamon digivolves and tries to save TK. Joe does manage to free him but Vegiemon captures him instead. Matt feels bad about what he said about Joe. Digitamamon uses Nightmare Syndrome to defeat Garurumon and Ikkakumon. Matt is still determined to win and Garurumon digivolves to Weregarurumon. Weregarurumon blocks the Nightmare Syndrome attack and defeats Digitamamon. He turns to Vegiemon who runs away. Matt apologizes to Joe and they are free to leave the diner. Tai explains to them the connection between both of the worlds. Matt and Tai's digivices go off, signaling that more of the digidestined are nearby. They split up again to find them; Joe and Tai going one way and TK and Matt the other.

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