Digimon Adventure Episode 22
Dub Name: Forget About It!
Japanese Name: The Whispering Little Devil Picodevimon

Tai and Agumon find themselves in a sandstorm at the exact spot where they left. He reads his digivice and detects someone near. They walk through a forest and the signal gets stronger. They find Tokomon and TK's digivice and crest. Tokomon tells them that TK is with his new friends. Tokomon tells them that they have been gone a long time. First everyone started to look for them but then slowly started to go their own ways, starting with Sora. The team split up until only Matt and TK were left. They find an amusement park and eventually Matt goes off to search in a swan boat, leaving TK behind. A week passes when Matt originally told them that he would be gone a few hours. TK starts to cry and doesn't want to eat until Demidevimon comes along. He says that he used to work for Etemon but has changed his ways.

Demidevimon goes out to look for Matt and returns telling TK that he found Matt. Matt told him that he doesn't want to see TK again because he is a cry baby. TK runs off and cries and Tokomon attacks Demidevimon because he doesn't trust him. TK returns and yells at Tokomon. He wants Tokomon to apologize but when he doesn't he throws down his tag and crest and leaves with Demidevimon. TK has been riding the rides at the park since that time with Demidevimon. He is starting to miss Tokomon. Tai's digivice goes off and he finally finds TK. Tai wants to find the others but TK doesn't want to. They all left him behind because they think he is a crybaby. TK wants to be Tai's brother.

Demidevimon finds two Gazimon among the Mushrooms of Forgetfulness. He returns with the mushrooms to Tai and TK and tries to feed them to them. Tai starts to cook them while Agumon goes off to use the bathroom. After using the bathroom he comes out and hears Sora's voice tell him that the mushrooms are poisonous. Agumon returns and stops them from eating the mushrooms. He tries to make Demidevimon eat one and when he doesn't TK realizes he's been lying all along. TK apologizes to Tokomon. His crest glows and Tokomon digivolves to Patamon. Patamon fights Demidevimon. In the beginning Demidevimon seems to have the upper hand but Patamon eventually defeats him.

Agumon tells Tai that a voice told him about the mushrooms. Demidevimon drags himself out of the water on to the side area where Digimon advances towards him from the sky. Demidevimon then grovles to his new master for forgiveness.

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