Digimon Adventure Episode 21
Dub Name: Home Away From Home
Japanese Name: The Great Clash of Koromon at Tokyo

Tai and Koromon find themselves in a park on Earth in Tai's hometown. Koromon starts talking and everyone stares at him. Tai starts to make his way home, eventually taking the subway. They arrive at Tai's family apartment. He hesitates thinking of all they went through to get here but finally opens the door. No one seems to be home so Tai and Koromon eat and drink out of the refrigerator. Tai looks at the calendar and finds that it is August 1, the day that they left camp for the digital world. Tai remembers that his parents and sister are at his grandparents house. Tai hears someone sigh and turns to see his sister Kari. Kari walks in and says "Hi Koromon". Tai wants to know how she knows Koromon and she says that they met before.

Tai calls the other kids homes and finds out that everyone else is still in the digital world. He then makes breakfast for all of them. Koromon gets so full that he needs to go to the bathroom. Tai listens to the news and hears reports of weird weather all around the world. Tai sees digimon causing the weather but no one but he and Kari can see them. His digivice activates and the computer turns on. On the computer is Izzy telling Tai that there is danger in the digital world and to save himself and not come back. Tai gets upset and starts to doubt himself.

The phone rings and it is their parents telling Kari that they will be late coming back because of the weather. Tai talks and surprises his mom. The weird weather and the digimon makes Tai realize that the problems of the digital world are slipping into Earth and he needs to find a way back. An earthquake hits and Tai sees Tyrannomon come out of the water. Tyrannomon destroys a bridge. Tai and Koromon go out to find the dimensional rift to get back to the digital world. Tyrannomon disappears and Drimogemon appears and then disappears. Kari comes out to join them when Koromon notices Ogremon across the street. Ogremon starts his attack. Tai steps in front of Kari and Koromon tries to protect them both. Tai cries out and Koromon digivolves to Agumon. The digivice opens a dimensional rift sucking Ogremon and Agumon through. Tai says goodbye to Kari and soon follows them back to the digital world.

Back in their apartment is another digivice sitting below a table.

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