Digimon Adventure Episode 20
Dub Name: The Earthquake Of Metalgreymon
Japanese Name: Perfect Evolution! MetalGreymon

That night the digidestined have no plan to rescue Sora. Izzy figures out where Sora is, still in the pyramid in a secret room. In the room Sora and Biymon are chained. Datamon is scanning Sora, trying to make a copy of her. He believes that the digimon respond to the digivice and not to Sora. With a copy of Sora and the crest he can control Biyomon and defeat Etemon. The digidestined act as a decoy while Tai and Izzy sneak into the pyramid. Ikkakumon strikes first followed by Garurumon. The Tyrannomon and Monochromon chase after them allowing Tai and Izzy to enter. The Gizamon monitoring the pyramids spot them inside of it. Palmon digivolves to help Joe and Matt. Etemon attacks Ikkakumon. Garurumon and Togemon attack Etemon and along with Ikkakumon surround him. Etemon knocks them all down and then sings, causing them to dedigivolve. Gazimon tells Etemon that the others have entered the pyramid.

Etemon is after Tai and Izzy now. Tentomon digivolves to buy them time. Tai encounters the firewall again but this time as the courage to go through it just as Kabuterimon is defeated and his Crest glows for a brief moment. He enters the room and finds the copy of Sora. The real Sora is still imprisoned. Tai steals the crest and tag from Datamon but Datamon opens up a black pit beneath Sora. Tai grabs Sora but they are still falling. He gives her the crest and digivice causing Biyomon to digivolve. Birdramon saves Sora and Tai and escapes before Etemon arrives. Etemon faces off against Datamon now. Datamon drops viruses into the black pit and tries to drag Etemon into it. Etemon falls into the pit along with his Tyrannomon and Monochromon henchmen. The pyramid is destroyed but a giant Etemon connected to the Dark Network and the black pit emerges. Kabuterimon and Birdramon attacks but their attacks do nothing. Tai doesn't give up and he and Greymon rush in to attack. Tai's crest glows and Greymon digivolves to Metalgreymon. Etemon attacks but Metalgreymon easily deflects it. Metalgreymon glows and uses his Giga Blaster attack to defeat Etemon. As Etemon is defeated a vortex forms, sucking Tai and Metalgreymon into it.

They disappear and when they wake up find themselves back on Earth.

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