Digimon Adventure Episode 19
Dub Name: The Prisoner Of The Pyramid
Japanese Name: Nanomon of the Labyrinth

Izzy is on his laptop. He has figured out that Etemon has hardwired the entire desert. He plugs into the network to access it. Izzy receives an email asking him for help. If they help then the stranger will guide them to whatever crest they seek. They begin to walk and TK's tag glows. Tokomon searches and finds TK's crest. They are now convinced that they will save the stranger to find Sora's crest. They enter the cave that TK's crest created and find hieroglyphics on the walls. Izzy thinks everything they've met is actually data in physical form, including them. He creates a holographic image of the digital world and of Earth and shows that they are parallel to each other. He uses it to find the person who needs their help. A door opens on the other side of the cave leading them out. They find an upside down pyramid and Etemon heading towards it.

At night they make camp. Tai stands guard first followed by Sora. In the morning they will make their way to the pyramid. Izzy creates a map of the pyramid and finds a way to its center. Tai, Joe, Izzy and Sora head to the pyramid while the others stand guard. They manage to find a way into the pyramid before Etemon sees them. They search the pyramid and find a firewall. There is only one safe way through and Izzy uses his laptop to find it. Past the firewall they find the prisoner, Datamon. He tells them the story of how Etemon defeated and captured him and now is forced to be the webmaster of the Dark Network. The digidestined start to free him when Etemon enters.

Agumon, Tentomon, Biyomon and Gomamon digivolve. Etemon defeats them but Datamon is now free. Datamon attacks Birdramon and then Etemon. Etemon knocks Datamon down but Datamon gets up and captures Sora and Biyomon. Tai rushes after them but encounters a firewall that he is too afraid to pass through. Etemon goes after Tai and defeats the rest of the champion level digimon. Togemon and Garurumon arrive and distract Etemon while the others get outside. When outside Tai is crying how he could go after Sora and that it's all his fault.

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