Digimon Adventure Episode 18
Dub Name: The Piximon Cometh
Japanese Name: A Fairy! Piccolomon

They are all trying to think on how to use their crests. Izzy and Matt believe that they all need to have their crests before one of them can use it. Tai and Agumon are grabbed by Kuwagamon. Agumon tries to fight him off but Tai is too afraid to have him digivolve. Agumon is frozen with doubt and Tai goes to protect him. Kuwagamon is deleted by a bomb from Piximon.

Mimi picks up Pixiemon as he talks to them. He is the trainer of digimon fighters and from what he has seen so far he is not impressed with them. Piximon decides that they are all going to train with him, especially Agumon and Tai; he has an extreme program for them. They walk through the desert to his training grounds. They don't see anything at first because it is hidden behind a protective barrier. Piximon opens a pixi portal and a hole in the desert opens up. They enter and see Etemon pass. Etemon cannot see into the protective barrier. First thing they must do is climb a ton of stairs to the top of his home. After walking up all the stairs they are hungry but Piximon tells them they must earn the right to eat. He makes them scrub the floors to his home. He has a special chore for Tai and Agumon and takes them to a cave. Inside the cave they sink into quicksand. Their training is to find a way back.

At night Matt and Izzy sneak out. They are worried that Tai and Agumon haven't come back yet. Their tags glow and they start to search for their crests. Piximon sees them go. Tai and Agumon are now in a boat. Agumon sees a light and Tai falls into the water, dragging Agumon in with him.

Piximon wakes up and has more training for the remaining digimon and digidestined. Izzy and Matt find that their crests are outside of the protective barrier. They leave the barrier and find a glowing well. They climb down the well and are given their crests. Etemon's network finds them and he sends out Tyrannomon to attack. Tyrannomon breaks a hole in the barrier. Piximon hears the barrier break and they all reunite with Izzy and Matt. Etemon drains them of power so that they cannot digivolve. Piximon calls out to Tai and Agumon to hurry up! Tai and Agumon are drifting helplessly. They soon find a young Tai trying to ride a bike. Tai cheers up the younger Tai, telling him to get back on the bike and try again. Young Tai learns to ride, giving the older version hope. Tai and Agumon overcome their fear of digivolving and return to the others to find Tyrannomon attacking. Agumon digivolves and Greymon destroys the network cables and then Tyrannomon. Piximon allows them to leave, impressed with their training and convinced that they are the digidestined.

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