Digimon Adventure Episode 17
Dub Name: The Crest of Sincerity
Japanese Name: Cockatorimon, The Illusionary Ship Captain

The digidestined are back in the desert searching for the other crests. The digimon are really hot and tired from the heat. They find a giant cactus and go to it for shade but it turns out to be an illusion. Gennai appears again. He tells them that they are not caring properly for their digimon and that their digimon arenít doing a good enough job of looking after them. He also says that the search for the crests and tags is really worth the effort. A cruise ship is approaching them. They first think it is another illusion but it turns out to be real and run by the Numemon. Mimi convinces the Numemon to let them on board where they find rooms to rest, food to eat and showers and baths.

Joe and Tai are resting in a pool. The shipís captain, Kokatorimon, is spying on Tai and Joe. He tries to tell Etemon that he has trapped the digidestined but the Dark Network is done. He then orders the Numemon to trap the digidestined. They net Tai and Joe. Gomamon uses his marching fishes attack to free himself. Koromon digivolves to Agumon and they face off against Kokatorimon. Kokatorimon turns them both to stone and steals the tags and crests.

Gabumon, Tentomon and Tokomon are fighting against the Numemon. Kokatorimon arrives and turns all three of them to stone. With all the digidestined captured except for Mimi and Sora he goes after them. They are in the shower but hear him approaching so managed to sneak out of a window. Kokatorimon chases after them revealing to them that their friends have been tied up, baking in the sun. Biyomon and Palmon attacks. He tries to turn them into stone but they manage to run away. They are on the deck of the ship now and reach a dead end. Biyomon and Palmon digivolve and attacks Kokatorimon. Kokatorimon drops the crests and tags. Togemon knocks him into the smoke stack of the ship. The other digimon return back to normal. The Numemon ditch their sailor suits and run away. The digidestined also leave the ship.

Kokatorimon manages to escape the smoke stack and chases after the digidestined in the cruise ship. They run behind a giant cactus which manages to deflect the cruise ship and send it high into the air. The ship breaks apart and explodes, deleting Kokatorimon. The top of the cactus flowers and reveals Mimiís crest.
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