Digimon Adventure Episode 16
Dub Name: The Arrival Of Skullgreymon
Japanese Name: Dark Evolution! Skullgreymon

The digidestined are walking through a desert. Izzy tells them that danger to the digidestined partner and energy are needed for a digimon to digivolve. Tai keeps feeding Agumon all the others food and is trying to pressure him into digivolving. Joeís tag starts to glow indicating that his crest is nearby. Tai sees a big building in the distance. Joe runs to it and trips over a cable from Etemonís network. The digidestined arrive at the building, which turns out to be Etemonís coliseum. They find a giant tv screen and soccer goals there. They want to search for the crest but Agumon is too full to search. Joe, Gomamon and Tai go off to look while the others play soccer. Tai rushes back and kicks the ball into the stands, yelling at them for playing. Joe is in one of the goals when his tag reacts. Etemon sees them on his screen and traps all but Agumon in the goal. The net of the goal is electrified, keeping the others in.

Etemon releases and evil Greymon to attack Agumon. Agumon digivolves and the two Greymon fight each other. Agumon yells at Greymon to digivolve again. He tries his Nova Blast attack but is too sluggish because he ate too much food. The digidestined try to dig a hole out of the trap. Joeís tag reacts to a rock, finding his crest. The ground underneath them collapses. They find a tunnel to get out through.

Once out Tai yells again at Greymon to digivolve. He tries to make Greymon digivolve by putting himself in danger and rushing towards the evil Greymon. Biyomon and Gabumon digivolve to try and help out. Taiís crest turns black and the black energy flows into Greymon. Greymon digivolves to Skullgreymon. The other Greymon tries to run away but Skullgreymon knocks him into the tv screen and destroys him. Skullgreymon then turns on Tai. Garurumon and Birdramon attack but are easily knocked away. Tentomon digivolves but Skullgreymon is still too powerful. Skullgreymon destroys the coliseum and rushes out into the desert. He loses his power and black smoke comes from him. He has dedigivolved to Koromon. Koromon apologizes for what he did but Tai says it is all his fault.
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