Digimon Adventure Episode 15
Dub Name: The Dark Network Of Etemon
Japanese Name: Etemon! The Evil Passageway

Five days later Tai uses his spyglass to find Server. They land on Server and say goodbye to Whamon. Their first stop is to find the Koromon village. Agumon smells the Koromon and Tai uses his spyglass to find a village inside of the forest. As they get closer Agumon senses that something isnít right. At the village they find Pagumon instead of Koromon. The Pagumon take Mimi away, leaving the other digidestined to search for her. They search and finally find her taking a bath. The Pagumon give them all food and start a celebration. Tentomon is worried because Pagumon are notorious for being awful tricksters. At the celebration Poyomon digivolves to Tokomon.

That night the Pagumon capture and tie up Tokomon. They take him to a cave behind the waterfall where they put him in a cage. Gazimon arrive and ask them about Tokomon. The Gazimon are told that the digidestined are in their village and on Server. One of the Gazimon leaves to tell Etemon about this. He finds Etemon in a caravan being pulled by Monochromon. Etemon launches The Dark Network. At the village TK is searching for Tokomon. The Pagumon return and tell him that Tokomon is not at the waterfall. Agumon doesnít believe them and goes to the waterfall. There he finds Tokomon and the Koromon, all caged up. Two Gazimon arrive and attack him. Back in the village Tai notices that Agumon has been gone for a long time. Agumon uses his pepper breath to turn the waterfall into steam. Tai spots the smoke with his spyglass. Mimi finds a Botamon, the baby form of Koromon in the village. When asked about it the Pagumon leave the village.

Tai arrives at the waterfall to find the Gazimon attacking Agumon. Agumon digivolves to Greymon who defeats the Gazimon with his Nova Blast attack. TK frees Tokomon and the Koromon. Etemon arrives and uses his Concert Crush attack to dedigivolve Greymon and to destroy the Koromon village. The digidestined run deeper into the cave to avoid Etemonís Dark Network attack. They find the spot where the Koromon usually hide. There Tai finds his crest, the crest of courage. The cave opens up to the other side, safe from Etemon. While Etemon cannot reach them his Dark Network detects their escape.
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