Digimon Adventure Episode 14
Dub Name: Departure For A New Continent
Japanese Name: Depart To A New Continent

The hologram turns out to be Gennai, a human and yet not a human. Gennai is on a far away land from File Island, called Server. They ask him how they can get home but he does not know. He tells them to go to Server and defeat the enemies there and that Izzy’s laptop will help them get there. Gennai says that they can digivolve again past the champion level but they will need the tags and crests to do so. The tags and crests are scattered all over Server. The hologram disappears and Izzy uses his laptop to come up with a map. After eating they decide on what to do next. Most of them do not want to go to Server except for Tai and TK. Finally TK convinces them all to go. On the beach they start to build a raft to take them across the ocean. Leomon brings along friends to help them: Frigimon, Centarumon, Elecmon, Mojyamon, Monzaemon, Meramon and the Yokomon. The raft is finished and TK’s digiegg hatches, giving birth to Poyomon. They say goodbye to their digimon friends and start the journey to Server.

In the middle of the ocean a tidal wave hits the raft. A giant digimon, Whamon, is the cause of the waves. He swallows the raft and the digidestined. They end up in Whamon’s stomach where his stomach acid tries to digest them. They look up to find a black gear. Palmon uses her poison ivy to reach the gear which Tai climbs to and destroys with his digivice. The raft now flies up through Whamon’s blowhole and into the ocean. The raft is destroyed and they try to remain afloat on the pieces of it. Whamon saves them. Tai asks about getting to Server. Whamon tells them it would take five days and he can take them all. He also says that Devimon hid something deep at the bottom of the ocean. He dives down and they find an underground cave. The digidestined find a convenience store in the cave.

Drimogemon stops them from entering the cave. He is being controlled by a black gear which Ikkakumon and Kabuterimon destroy. Inside of the store Poyomon finds a box. Inside of the box are the tags. The chosen each wear one and continue on their journey.
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