Digimon Adventure Episode 13
Dub Name: The Legend Of The Digidestined
Japanese Name: Angemon Awakens!

Leomon stands above TK and Patamon. He draws his sword and starts to attack. TK and Patamon run away to the forest but are discovered by Ogremon. In his hand is a baby Poyomon, which he threatens to hurt if TK doesnít give up. Leomon is about to strike again but he is hit with Garurumonís Howling Blaster attack. Tai saves the Poyomon from Ogremon. Greymon is now fighting with Ogremon as Garurumon fights with Leomon. More black gears fly into Leomon, causing him to grow to a giant. Leomon hits Garurumon and then Greymon with his Fist of the Beast King attack. Leomon then goes after TK again. Patamon is upset because he cannot protect him. Togemon comes to the rescue and attacks Leomon. Izzy and Mimi arrive telling Tai that the digivices have the power to destroy the black gears. Tai calls out Leomon. He hits Leomon with the digivice and when Matt runs over to help out the gears are destroyed and Leomon returns to normal. Kabuterimon chases off Ogremon giving the victory to the digidestined.

Leomon now tells them the legend of the digidestined. He says that a dark force will take over the island and turn good digimon into evil ones. A group of kids with vast powers will save the world and File Island. The digidestined will have the ability to make digimon digivolve. Izzy thinks that they will all be able to go home after they save File Island from Devimon. Leomon takes the digidestined across the ocean to Infinity Mountain in a row boat. Devimon realizes they are approaching and turns Ogremon into black gears. The black gears fly into Devimon. The mountain shakes and a giant Devimon comes out of it. He uses his powers to trap Leomon and the digidestined against the mountain. Ikkakumon and Birdramon arrive and attack Devimon. The rest of the rookies are free now and digivolve to champion level. None of the digimon are a match for Devimon so Leomon goes in to attack. Ogremon comes out of Devimon and confronts Leomon. Devimon easily defeats the others and goes after Patamon and TK. Patamon attacks and tries to digivolve but cannot. He starts to cry. Devimon tells them that the legend says the smallest one will destroy him. He starts to crush Patamon in his hand.

A light starts coming from his hand as Patamon digivolves to Angemon. The digivices of all the digidestined glow and give their power to Angemon. Angemon uses his Hand of Fate attack to destroy Devimon. Before he is destroyed Devimon tells them that they have not won, there are other more powerful evil digimon in the world. Angemon has used up all of his powers and reverts to a digiegg. The island reforms itself. Before the episode ends a hologram appears before them.
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