Digimon Adventure Episode 12
Dub Name: Digibaby Boom
Japanese Name: An Adventure! Patamon and Me!

TK and Patamon are on their bed which lands near a waterfall. In the morning TK puts on his clothes and Patamon thinks of how all the others have digivolved but he cannot. Patamon starts to cry along with TK, who was crying all along. TK asks why he is crying and Patamon says because he can't digivolve. TK wonders what he would digivolve into and thinks of Porkymon and Hogmon. Patamon says that he is not a pig. They walk and after passing a fake railroad crossing wind up in a town with giant children's building blocks and toys. The ground acts like a trampoline and they find toys in the trees. Patamon hears a noise and finds cradles filled with baby digimon. TK then finds a digiegg and a note. The note says to rub the egg gently. hen TK does so the egg hatches and a baby digimon comes out, the egg turning into its cradle.

Elecmon, the protector of the baby digimon is fishing, when he hears the babies crying. TK and Patamon are trying to calm the babies but they are hungry. Elecmon finds TK and Patamon among the babies and attacks them. Elecmon tells them that they are in Primary Village, the hatchery and nursery for all the digimon. Patamon and Elecmon fight each other. TK screams for them to stop and tells them to solve their problems by having a tug of war. Patamon defeats Elecmon in the tug of war, making Elecmon welcome them to Primary Village. TK then asks how to get to Infinity Mountain. Elecmon tries to warn them away, afraid of Devimon. TK is still determined and Elecmon tells him that he is going to the Yokomon village with his new found feelings of friendship. All of the digidestined are now making their way to Infinity Mountain. Devimon wonders why Patamon hasn't digivolved yet. He commands Leomon to go after TK.

Back at Primary Village one of the babies has digivolved into Koromon. Patamon says that one day he will digivolve but doesn't want to, he wants to stay Patamon forever. We then see Leomon above the Village looking down.

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