Digimon Adventure Episode 11
Dub Name: The Dancing Digimon
Japanese Name: The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon

Devimon declares that he has plans for Joe and Sora. Joe is on a bed floating in the ocean. Gomamon has eaten all of the food. They discover a crate in the ocean. Ogremon comes out of the crate and attacks. Ogremon destroys the bed and Gomamon has his marching fish friends attack. Ogremon brushes them aside and goes to strike Joe causing Gomamon to digivolve. Ikkakumon uses his harpoon torpedo attack against Ogremon's Pummel Whack. Joe climbs onto Ikkakumon's back and they swim away to safety. Ikkakumon gets tired from lack of food and dedigivolves, causing both him and Joe to sink. On the island Sora and Biyomon are fishing. Sora catches something and reels it in to find Joe and Gomamon. Gomamon tells Sora that Joe needs to be the leaders to rebuild his confidence.

In the distance they hear church bells. Biyomon goes to check it out but Sora stops her and sends Joe instead. At the church Joe finds people dancing and rushes back to tell the others. One of the people approaches them and tells them that they are celebrating Bakemon Holiday. Gomamon and Biyomon question him since Bakemon is evil. The mask on the person breaks, revealing that he was really a Bakemon in disguise. All of the dancing people turn into Bakemon. Gomamon and Biyomon try to digivolve but can't because they are too hungry. The Bakemon capture them, placing the digimon in a jail cell and tying Joe and Sora up in the church. The Bakemon are pouring salt and pepper on Sora and Joe to feed them to King Bakemon.

Biyomon and Gomamon are trying to escape from the cell. They see the guard and figure out a way to trick him. They trick him into giving them food so they can knock him out and escape. All the rest of the Bakamon turn into one giant King Bakemon. King Bakemon is getting ready to eat Joe and Sora but Gomamon and Biyomon digivolve first. They free Joe and Sora so they can escape. Birdramon and Ikkakumon attack but Lord Bakemon is too strong for them. Joe says that they have to weaken him first and tells of how he heard from a roman physicist about "mind over matter". Joe starts to repeat "Bakemon lose your power" and beats on Sora's hat. Bakemon gets weaker, allowing Birdramon and Ikkakumon to attack and defeat him. The ground cracks and they find black gears. The gears break and the island starts to float towards Infinity Mountain. Joe and Sora swim and fly to Infinity Mountain on their digimon.

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