Digimon Adventure Episode 10
Dub Name: A Clue From the Digi-Past
Japanese Name: Kentarumon, the Guardian!

Izzy and Mimi's beds land on nearby islands. They both find themselves in tropical rain forests. Izzy finds ruins in the middle of the forest and enters it. Mimi and Palmon find bananas. Mimi tries to eat it but they are just the peals, which Palmon doesn't mind. They meet up with Chuumon and Sukamon. They start to throw sludge at her and demand they pay a toll. They grab Mimi's digivice and receive a shock. The shock makes them feel refreshed and act more kindly towards Mimi and Palmon. Mimi asks them if they saw anyone else like Mimi and they say they saw something fall near the old ruins on another island. Palmon takes Mimi across to that island before Sukamon can kiss her.

Izzy is searching the ruins. He finds a black gear turning and more of the writing from the power plant. He finds an outlet and plugs his laptop into it. Mimi enters the ruins and finds Izzy and Tentomon. Izzy tries to decipher the writing causing Mimi to get mad at him. Izzy finds that the ruins are a maze and seems to be ignoring Mimi. Mimi cries and runs off, followed by Tentomon. Izzy and Palmon don't enter the maze because Mimi and Tentomon are already lost in it. Instead Izzy tries to solve the maze on his laptop. He finds them in the maze on his laptop and discovers that they can communicate through their digivices. Izzy starts to navigate Mimi through the maze when he notices that someone is following them.

Centarumon comes in behind Mimi and Tentomon. Izzy navigates them faster as they are now being chased until they reach a dead end. Centarumon attacks. The wall behind Mimi shakes. Izzy and Palmon break apart the wall to get to Mimi and Palmon and take them outside. Palmon and Tentomon digivolve. Centarumon blasts them both. They both attack Centarumon at once and destroy the black gear that was controlling him.

Centarumon notices that they have digivices. He says that the digivice is the mystical symbol and he is the guardian of the temple that is devoted to the digivice. Leomon appears and goes to attack the digidestined but Centarumon blocks him. Leomon knocks Centarumon down but is chased away by the power of Mimi and Izzy's digivice. Izzy tries to decipher more of the ruins so that he can stop the turning black gear. Mimi kicks it and it reverses its direction, taking them back to File Island.

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