Digimon Adventure Episode 9
Dub Name: Subzero Ice Punch
Japanese Name: A Clash! The Frozen Digimon

Tai and Agumon find themselves on an iceberg. Tai still doesn't have any clothes on. He finds them in the snow and Agumon heats them up for him. They next find mailboxes. Using his spyglass, Tai notices that all the separate islands are moving away from File Island. Frigimon comes out of the ice in front of them. He throws a snowball at them. Agumon notices a black gear in this back but doesn't have the energy to fight. Agumon and Tai run away until they are cornered. When Frigimon goes to punch them they slide under his legs. Tai uses Agumon as a soccer ball and kicks him onto Frigimon's back so that he can remove the black gear. Frigimon returns to normal and tells them that he saw a boy and a Gabumon fall to a nearby island. The island that Matt is on is drifting away but Frigimon builds an ice bridge across the sea to try and join the two islands.

Matt and Gabumon find themselves in a blizzard searching for TK. Matt collapses and Gaubmon carries him into a cave. He builds a fire so that Matt can warm up. Gabumon goes back out to search and tells Matt to stay put but he doesn't listen. Matt goes out to look and collapses again. Gabumon returns to find him frozen. He takes Matt back into the cave and puts him close to the fire. He then takes off his fur and puts it over Matt. Tai and Agumon arrive at Matt's island and find his bed. Matt wakes up and hears Tai and Agumon calling them/ They meet up and see that Gabumon has caught a cold for being without his fur all night. Matt asks if they saw anyone else and Frigimon says no. Matt and Tai have a fight over what to do next; Matt wants to search for TK while Tai wants to find Devimon. Their fighting brings them to the edge of a cliff.

They fall off but Tai manages to grab a hold of Matt's hand. They seem to be safe until Mojyamon appears. He is being controlled by a black gear and causes them to fall off the cliff. Luckily Frigimon was below to save them. Frigimon gives them food and medicine for Gabumon. Mojyamon lands and fights with Frigimon. As Mojyamon starts to win Agumon and Gabumon digivolve. Greymon destroys the black gear controlling Mojyamon. Their fighting reveals that black gears are controlling the movement of the island. They manage to get the gears to turn backwards and to bring the island back to File Island.

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