Digimon Adventure Episode 8
Dub Name: Evil Shows His Face
Japanese Name: Messenger of Darkness, Devimon

The others join Joe, Sora and Tai atop of Infinity Mountain. Meanwhile Leomon and Ogremon are battling each other. Leomon wants to stop the black gears that are coming from the mountain and hurting innocent digimon. They both hear a voice that commands them to stop. The voice is coming from Devimon. Devimon tells them to obey him and help him destroy the digidestined. Leomon refuses and wants to protect the digidestined so fights Devimon. Devimon uses his Touch of Evil attack, causing Leomon to obey him.

Tai tries to make a map of the island with his spy glass. Leomon appears before them and attacks. They run away again, with Agumon using his Pepper Breath attack to buy them some time. They run more but are now trapped between Leomon and Ogremon. The digimon are confused since Leomon is always a hero and he and Ogremon are arch enemies always fighting. Agumon, Gabumon and Palmon digivolve and fight Leomon while the others digivolve to fight off Ogremon. Devimon is watching them from above. He is concerned that they have learned to digivolve and to work as a team. He causes an avalanche, making Leomon and Ogremon retreat while the other digimon revert to rookies. Tai worries that someone caused the avalanche and that it wasn't natural.

The digidestined are now walking through a forest, all of them are very tired. Joe notices a mansion. All except for Tai charge forward into it; Tai thinks they should be more cautious. They go inside and find it empty of people. TK and Patamon notice and can't keep their eyes off of a picture of an angel. The digimon smell food and find a table filled with tons of food. Matt and Sora think that it could be a trap but the digimon and Joe start to eat. That night the digidestined are bathing in warm tubs, the boys and girls separate except for Gomamon who sneaks into the girl’s room. After their bathes they find a room with eight large beds. They quickly go to sleep.

Devimon enters the mansion through the angel picture. Ogremon and Leomon are soon to follow. He hears that Tai and Agumon are awake because Agumon has to use the toilet. In the bathroom with them is Ogremon. Tai and Agumon run and try to wake up the others but run into Leomon instead. Devimon appears before Tai and reveals that the mansion was an illusion and the whole setup a trap. Agumon tries to digivolve but the food was fake. Matt and the others wake up to find their beds floating above in the air. Devimon sends forth his black gears, splitting apart the island. He uses his Touch of Evil attack to send the beds to different islands. Devimon confronts Tai next. He says that he knows they are the digidestined, here to save the world. Leomon attacks Agumon and then tries to draw his sword against Tai. Tai's digivice glows, freeing Leomon of the black gear. Leomon now fights Devimon and Ogremon at the same time. Leomon sends Tai and Agumon away to safety as he fights a battle he cannot hope to win.

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