Digimon Adventure Episode 6
Dub Name: Togemon in Toy Town
Japanese Name: Palmon's Evolution of Anger

The digidestined are traveling through the sewers singing songs. When it comes time for Mimi to sing solo they find out that she has a horrible singing voice. Sora starts to cry because the singing reminds her of home. They all are getting homesick now and talk about what they miss the most. They stop when they hear voices coming towards them. It is a gang of Numemon who start to throw sludge at them. TK notices a side tunnel which leads them out of the sewers and into the sunlight, which the Numemon do not like.

Outside they find a ton of vending machines. Mimi inserts coins and out comes the King of the Numemon who falls instantly in love with her. The Sun goes behind a cloud allowing the Numemon to pop out of all the vending machines. They run away again and get split up in a forest. Mimi and palmon are pursued by the king who wants to date Mimi. Palmon thinks she scares him away when in reality it is Monzaemon behind them that scared the Numemon. Monzaemon now chases after them. Mimi hides with the Numemon while Monzaemon passes by. She and Palmon decide to go to Toy Town, the place that Monzaemon rules over.

They reach Toy Town. It first appears abandoned but soon they find the other digidestined being chased by toys and acting very strange, as if they are under a spell. Mimi finds the other digimon, they are all trapped in a locked chest. Agumon tells her the story of how Monzaemon used his heart attack to trap all the digidestined and the digimon. He tells her that it is up to her to save the day. A toy comes up to Mimi and she steps on it, fed up with Toy Town. Monzaemon soon appears and attacks. Mimi and Palmon run. The Numemon come and try to save Mimi again. They throw sludge at Monzaemon but he traps them all in his heart attack bubbles. Palmon digivolves to Togemon and they start to box each other. Togemon uses her Needle Spray attack and knocks Monzaemon down and the black gear out of him. Monzaemon is now their friend again, freeing the others from the spell. He apologizes for what the black gear did to him and uses his heart hug to make them feel happy.

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